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Hitesh Soni & Associates - A Tenacious Indian Law Firm Awarded By London based AI

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 08.08.22, 07:20 PM

Hitesh Soni & Associates awarded the title of “Best Corporate & Commercial Law Firm 2022” by

Acquisition International. AI is brought by AI Global Media Ltd, a UK based B2B publishing house.

“Sworn to protect the innocent and ensure justice is upheld, lawyers play a vital role in every society, and as such we at Acquisition International are proud to showcase some of the best in the world. Our awards offer an insight into their success and how they work to provide their clients with the benefits of their vast wisdom and legal expertise. Hence, we at Acquisition International proudly announce Hitesh Soni & Associates, India as winner of Global Excellence Awards 2022 for “ Best Corporate & Commercial Law Firm 2022”. They handle each client very diligently and understand the intricacy that is involved in corporate and commercial affairs”, says Sofi Bajor - Editor of Acquisition International

We reached out to the Firm for their comments. Adv. Vaishali Soni, the Principal Associate at Hitesh Soni & Associates quoted saying, "It is a matter of great pride that we are recognised not only in India but our services are known beyond the seas & we thank entire of AI for this recognition."

The 2022 Global Excellence Awards were full of passionate people from different industries ranging from advisory to refrigeration and law. Hitesh Soni & Associates is widely known as a legal paramount for honesty, integrity, experience and hard work. They work in accordance with the practice of the dynamic legal world and that's why their clientele is strong in both national and overseas markets. Hitesh Soni and Associates embrace technology and have client-centric principles in place, and that is what has made them the only one of the two firms to feature in the Mirror Review.

With the pandemic outbreak, countries have changed their legal compliances in regard to businesses and commercial activities. In such a situation, the companies must be up to date with legal things like The Payment Of Gratuity Act, 1972, The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948, Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, etc. In a dynamic world, Hitesh Soni & Associates provide pro-legal services and they have been at the forefront of the legal world and got commended for global legal contribution, featured in Mid-day, Outlook India, Mondaq, Indian Express, OneIndia, The Khaskhabar, etc.

Hitesh Soni & Associates have been recognised as one of the most reliable law firms in 2021. Benchmark Litigation Asia Pacific 2022 has ranked Hitesh Soni & Associates as a Notable Firms under the area of commercial and transactions litigation. The Founder Mr. Hitesh Soni was awarded with the Global Lex-falcon Award 2022 in Dubai for contribution to Global Legal Industry at Lex Talk World Conference. Hitesh is also awarded with The Indian Achievers Award 2021 & has been featured in “Most Prestigious & Trusted Legal Leader in 2022” & The firm as “Top Business Law Firms to Watch in 2022". The firm is also included by Asia Business Law Directory.

During a pandemic, they knew that law never rests, and Hitesh Soni and the team made quick transitions in their framework to handle cases through digital mediums. They emphasize the qualities of persistence and consistency. They duly take up cases and tackle them with genuine strategy, and have also been in the race to help the government to create new policies to accelerate progress.

Mr. Soni and his team have handled countless cases in different courts of India and have always created satisfactory results. His bouquet of services includes Corporate and Commercial: Hospitality: Leveraging Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution: International Trade & Customs Practice: Projects, Infrastructure & Energy: Real Estate: White Collar Crime Immigration Laws: Service Laws and Labor Laws.

The 2022 Global Excellence Awards is just another symbol of his great services and how they are helping people get out of difficult situations.

We have collected some inspiring quotes in law by

Hitesh C. Soni.

“One can start a business with money, but only one cannot thrive with money, the legal profession demands a legal mind, honesty, and consistency throughout.”

"If you're into this profession only part-time or for money, the legal profession is not for you."

“Legal profession is not for the faint-hearted, and it needs you to be consistent in effort without losing hope.”

“Everyone is unique and that their future is determined by the steps that they take and no one else.”

“For law students and lawyers, I am aware of the fact that for lady lawyers, things are challenging but sadly, the legal profession does not recognize the gender, the legal profession demands a different view, who can able to assist the court in whatever position they are into.”

“For young lawyers and law students, the legal profession is like a drug which is not only an expensive one but also at the same time mentally exhausting. However, the challenge is to use this drug in such a manner that works as a medicine for you in the long run and still remains addictive to it.”

“Lawyers of the first generation now weigh a lot on their shoulders. Anyone who does not feel the pride and anticipation of the family members when they begin this long journey to become a lawyer should ask themselves if they can do it and make others proud.”

“It is difficult to be a lawyer of the first generation. However, there is wonderful freedom to discover and evolve.”

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