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By FROM K.P. NAYAR in Washington
  • Published 27.10.00
Washington, Oct. 27 :    Washington, Oct. 27:  When Bill Clinton packs up and leaves the presidential mansion here in less than three months, he may well take home an intern from the White House with him. No, it will not be Monica Lewinsky or anyone else whose name has been amorously linked with the President. In fact, it will not even be a woman, but a college boy who may eventually wind up in his new home. As the self-imposed moratorium by the media on writing about Chelsea Clinton, the President's daughter, nears its end, it has been revealed that she has a boyfriend: a White House intern by the name Jeremy Kane. Kane was Chelsea's classmate at Stanford University before she temporarily gave up her studies to act as the President's hostess. He became a White House intern this year helping in the speech-writing department and working on programmes associated with the Group of Eight (G8) nations. Kane was first seen with Chelsea on this New Year's eve and then the two were seen together at a church with the President, but the media did not write about their relationship. The American media has respected the First Couple's request for privacy for the youngest presidential daughter ever to live in the White House with the exception of John F. Kennedy's infant offspring, Caroline. This self-imposed moratorium by the media on writing about Chelsea's private persona or photographing her will end in February when she turns 21. Titbits about Chelsea and Kane which have been in the gossip columns of dailies and magazines in recent weeks are precursors of what is to follow when the ban on covering her is finally over. According to these titbits, Kane was the only White House intern to be accommodated at the same hotel in Los Angeles where the President was staying in September for the Democratic Party's National Convention. Reports in the US media say Kane enjoys access to the President that is unprecedented for any White House intern with the exception of Lewinsky. Notwithstanding the moratorium, media interest in Chelsea has increased ever since she travelled with her father to India in March and was widely photographed and filmed all over the country, especially at the Taj Mahal. After Hillary Clinton entered the Senate election fray in New York, Chelsea has been filling in for her mother on the President's travels and at White House functions. Last month, she represented her father at the Sydney Olympics since the President was busy receiving Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee here. Once her father steps down as President, Chelsea, who has lived either in the Governor's mansion in Arkansas or at the White House since she was two years old, intends to return to Stanford to complete her studies. She may later follow her father's footsteps and go to Oxford. White House interns, it is said, are delighted by Kane's relationship with Chelsea. It will provide a rare opportunity to restore the reputation of their tribe, which had been sullied by the Lewinsky scandal.