Furore over prayer song remix

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By PRIYA ABRAHAM in Bhubaneshwar
  • Published 13.09.09

Bhubaneswar, Sept. 13: A re-mixed of an Oriya devotional song, sung as a prayer in nearly all schools across Orissa, has triggered widespread resentment.

Composed by Ramkrishna Nanda, an exponent of children’s literature, the song titled Aahey dayamaya biswa bihari was reportedly a favourite of Mahatma Gandhi while he was at Sabarmati ashram.

In the album, Ley Maridey, produced by Ajit Hembrum and written by Bapu Goswami the original lines have been changed to aahey dayamaya biswa bihari, motey kiyan kala ete sundari, jala stala bana giri akasha, motey kahin dela kumari bayasa.

Roughly translated it goes on as “Oh god, why did you make me so beautiful, the water, earth, forests, hills and skies, why did you give me such youth.”

The song has been sung by Bibhu Kishore and Nariya with music by Gudli Rath.

“No one has the right to tamper a song that has touched thousands of hearts. Those who have attempted to vulgarise it must be arrested as they have hurt Oriya sentiment,” said Dilip Das Sharma, the president of a local unit of Utkal Sammilani.

According to law, offensive language in music played at public spaces is punishable under Sections 292 and 294 of the IPC. “Vulgar words or lines in albums are not new in the so-called industry. Earlier, too, we had protested against the lack of censorship, however, demands fell to deaf ears,” said music director Shantanu Mahapatra.