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Deep dual dilemma

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By Director duo Tathagata Banerjee, Anindya Ghosh and Aadh Khana Din. By Anil Grover
  • Published 24.03.06

Chandreyee Ghosh was in one helluva dilemma. Or, at least, the character she plays in Aadh Khana Din was. Playing a documentary filmmaker in this telefilm for the Robbarer Bioscope series, she gets into a right royal entanglement between her husband (Pijush Ganguly) who plays a Bengali professor and Loksangeet expert, and an actor played by real-life director Milan Roy Chowdhury. She gets drawn into a whirlpool of worries, an overlap of tricky emotions, and eventually loses both Pijush and Milan (intriguing story/script by Rijurekha Chakravarty).

So, Chandreyee was in one helluva dilemma, you see. When we visited the set, the director duo Tathagata Banerjee and Anindya Ghosh were hush-hushing around, chief assistant Arin Paul quietly tying up loose ends, Pijush sitting on the sofa staring at Tathagata, then at Anindya, at Chandreyee in turn, grimly. He was just in deep thought, as we realised, rehearsing mentally.

But Chandreyee was in one helluva dilemma, and all that was going around her wasn’t the cause, we could see. The gambhir character masked her face, but through that mask, she still managed to beam a welcoming smile. And when we got a chance to break in for our shots, she followed our instructions instinctively even while muttering. No, not at us, but while memorising her lines from the script on her knee.

But the more she read and the more she muttered, the more vigorously she swung her crossed leg. She continued that energised kneejerk action even while we were going for the click, and had to be told to freeze. What character was she playing in the telefilm, we deliberated silently: a docu filmmaker, or a kickboxer. We were in one helluva dilemma.

Scheduled telecast: March 26; Zee Bangla, 8pm