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By FROM OUR BUREAU in Midnapore
  • Published 27.07.01
Midnapore, July 27 :    Midnapore, July 27:  The government's decision to bifurcate Midnapore district has reportedly created differences in opinion among key CPM functionaries in the state. While CPM's Midnapore unit secretary Dipak Sarkar is apparently against the proposed move, Lakshman Seth, the party MP from Tamluk, has publicly supported the bifurcation, saying that it was necessary for better governance of the country's biggest district. That the two key leaders have crossed swords over the bifurcation is evident from the manner in which they issued contradictory statements. "Division of the district will not help all problems affecting the district. Instead, we will have to see how common people are benefited," Sarkar observed while reacting to the proposal. Seth, however, felt the bifurcation of the district would only help the administration govern the district better. "Think of a man going from Haldia to Midnapore - the same distance between Midnapore and Calcutta - to get an official work done. If he fails to meet the officer concerned, he has to go back empty-handed. His whole day is lost. His hard-earned money is gone," Seth added. Worried over rising intra-party squabbles, the state CPM had convened a meeting of district leaders at the party headquarters today morning. The marathon session was aimed at recording opinions from Midnapore on the issue. State industries minister Nirupam Sen, who came here yesterday to lay the foundation stone of the District Planning Bhawan, reiterated that such a division would bring about speed in administrative decisions. Decentralisation of power is beneficial for better governance of the district, he added. CPM insiders, however, say Sarkar has opposed the bifurcation as he feels that he will no longer be able to wield clout over the entire district.