Copy heat on Himesh's Karzzz

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  • Published 18.09.08

Mumbai, Sept. 17: An NRI Punjabi singer has slapped a Rs 5-crore legal notice on Himesh Reshammiya for allegedly stealing his song.

Kulwinder Kally has alleged that Soniye Je Tere Nal, which features in the forthcoming Karzzz that stars Reshammiya himself, was actually written by a Pakistani lyricist, Shaonki Khan, and sung by him. The Canada-based singer claims to own the song’s copyright, too.

The Karzzz album gives credit to Sameer for writing the song and Reshammiya for composing it.

Kally has threatened to take Reshammiya and Sameer to court if they do not pay him Rs 5 crore in the next 15 days.

In the notice sent by Kally’s lawyer, the singer said the song was part of his album, Sham Wali Gaddi, which was released four years ago by T-Series.

According to sources close to Reshammiya, the copyright of the song lies with T-Series, which is producing Karzzz as well. “He says Himeshbhai used the mukhda of his song without his (Kally’s) permission. This is not correct. The copyright of the song is with T-Series and it has allowed us to use the song,” a source said.

T-Series, too, rubbished the charges. “It is the composer and the lyricist who hold the rights and in the case of this song, both the rights had been bought over by us a long time back,” said Neeraj Kalyan, vice-president, international businesses, publishing and digital content, T-Series.