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Cops await top judge word on intern

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  • Published 1.12.13


Q: Should Asok Ganguly resign as West Bengal Human Rights Commission chairman?

A: It’s a difficult question. Only he (Ganguly) can answer.

Q: What is your opinion about the allegations?

A: There can be allegations against anyone. But the allegations will have to be sustained. Such allegations are now increasing. Sometimes the situation is going out of hand. There is more publicity about these allegations now.

Q: Do you think people will lose confidence in the judicial system because of the allegations?

A: No. The judicial system does not involve a single person or a single post. It includes a lot of people. People have full faith in the judiciary.

Q: Do you think there was a conspiracy against Ganguly? What about the common man, if there can be such a conspiracy against a former judge of the Supreme Court?

A: Such complaints generally do not come against a common man. Allegations are made more against a person who has reached a certain level.

Q: Ganguly still heads the state human rights commission. Will the common man have faith in the commission now?

A: There can always be an allegation against a person. But that does not mean he would have to step down immediately.

New Delhi, Nov. 30: Delhi police said today they are awaiting directives from Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam before registering an FIR related to the sexual harassment charges levelled by a law intern.

“As we do not have any formal complaint from the victim or the identity of the accused, except media reports, it will be difficult to proceed at this stage, particularly when the country’s highest court is seized of the matter. We are waiting for the direction from the Chief Justice of India before starting an investigation,” a senior police officer told The Telegraph.

According to him, the intern had communicated to the police a few days ago that she was not interested in a parallel probe.

“She was not keen to join a parallel inquiry as she had already deposed before the three-judge panel of the Supreme Court,” the police officer said, referring to an email she had sent.

On Friday, the Supreme Court’s spokesperson had said former judge Asok Kumar Ganguly’s statement had been recorded by the panel looking into the intern’s allegations.

On November 19, Delhi police had sent an email to the intern. “We sent an email to the intern asking her to contact Delhi police and record her statement so that we can start legal action,” said S.B.S. Tyagi, deputy commissioner (New Delhi district).

The police email was based on a complaint registered at Tilak Marg police station on November 14 by a former dean of the Delhi University’s Faculty of Law. The location of the Supreme Court falls under the jurisdiction of Tilak Marg police station.

The academic had made a representation to the police to register a case of sexual assault. The intern had levelled the allegations in a blog.