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'Single-point agenda: becho, becho, becho'

Congress blasts Modi govt over economy, ‘brutality’ on farmers

The CWC passed a resolution on the government’s anti-farmer attitude, recalling how the project started with dilution of the Land Acquisition Act
Sonia Gandhi.

Sanjay K. Jha   |   New Delhi   |   Published 17.10.21, 12:34 AM

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Saturday blasted the Narendra Modi government for the “catastrophic consequences” of its economic mismanagement, flawed foreign policy, brutality against farmers, savage increase in prices of essential commodities and timidity in dealing with China.

Sonia Gandhi set the tone for deliberations by explaining how the government pushed the three farm laws by bulldozing parliamentary scrutiny and said: “Farmers began their protests immediately and have suffered much since then. The shocking incidents at Lakhimpur Kheri recently betrays the mindset of the BJP, how it perceives the Kisan Andolan, how it has been dealing with this determined struggle by kisans to protect their lives and livelihoods.”


The CWC passed a resolution on the government’s anti-farmer attitude, recalling how the project started with dilution of the Land Acquisition Act. The resolution wondered how justice would be delivered if the minister of state for home is protected by the Prime Minister despite his vehicles being used to mow down farmers and his son being involved. It recalled how the minister himself threatened the farmers.

The resolution said: “The agitation by farmers against the three black laws on agriculture continues after 10 months. A government imbued with arrogance has refused to engage the farmers in talks and has stood as a mere bystander, while the police and rogue elements in the BJP have unleashed violence upon them. The tragic incident at Lakhimpur Kheri is a clear example of official support to the attempt to suppress the voice of the farmers. The refusal of the Prime Minister to condemn the brutal murder of the farmers and to sack the minister of state for home affairs have shocked the conscience of the country.”

Referring to the glut of problems caused by governance failures, Sonia said: “The economy continues to be a cause for great concern in spite of the government propaganda to make us believe that it is not. As we all know, the only answer the government seems to have for economic recovery is selling off national assets built with great effort over the decades. The public sector has had not just strategic and economic objectives — it has had social goals as well, as, for instance, empowerment of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and development of backward areas. But all this is in jeopardy with the Modi government’s single-point agenda of becho, becho, becho.”

Arguing that there has always been a broad consensus on foreign policy, she said: “That consensus has been damaged because of the Prime Minister’s continued reluctance to take the Opposition into confidence in any meaningful manner. Foreign policy has become a diabolical instrument of electoral mobilisation and polarisation. We face serious challenges on our borders and on other fronts.  The Prime Minister telling the Opposition leaders last year that there had not been any occupation of our territory by China and his silence ever since is costing our nation dearly.”

The resolution also said: “The CWC is alarmed by the rapid deterioration in the security of the country — both external and internal. Nearly 18 months after the clashes in Ladakh in which 20 soldiers lost their lives, Chinese troops continue to be in occupation of Indian territory. Despite multiple rounds of talks, China has not vacated Indian territory; nor have we been able to recover our old positions. After the change in regime in Afghanistan and the takeover by the Taliban, the situation is even graver, but the government remains oblivious or in deep slumber.”

The resolution said drug trafficking had assumed monstrous proportions, adding: “The seizure of 3,000kg of heroin at Adani Port, Gujarat, following reports of another large consignment that was successfully ‘imported’ into India, gives an indication of the huge dimensions of the illegal trade that seems to have flourished under the watch of the Modi government.”

It also promised to consult all stakeholders to confront the government’s attack on federalism by giving additional powers to central forces.

The CWC decided to launch a countrywide awareness (Jan Jagran) programme on mishandling of economy and rising prices from November 14. The party has also decided to initiate regular training programmes for workers and leaders at all levels to prepare the rank and file to counter the BJP propaganda on ideology and their achievements. Central leaders will train state leaders at a special four-day workshop at Sevagram in Wardha from November 12.

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