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Chhattisgarh: More than ten livelihood activities conducted employing more than 100 women

Women's groups earn Rs 10 lakhs by manufacturing organic fertilizers

Our Web Desk Raipur Published 27.05.23, 09:58 PM
Benefits from community vegetable farming includes women members earning around Rs 4 lakh

Benefits from community vegetable farming includes women members earning around Rs 4 lakh Sourced by The Telegraph

By incorporating more than 100 women in various livelihood activities, Bancharoda Gauthan is developing into a multi-tasking mini-RIPA.

More than 100 women from the village are employed in this Gauthan, they are involved in activities like taking care of animals for breeding improvement. The Gauthan comes under the Arang development block of the Raipur district. It has 700 animals and conducts activities such as animal health maintenance, breed improvement, vaccination, and tagging.


Earlier, the Livestock Development Department used to go door-to-door for this. But now animal vaccinations and treatment can be done in the same location. There are eleven women's self-help groups working in this Gauthan, and more than 100 women work in the production of vermicompost, mushrooms, nurseries, and fodder, as well as in vegetable gardens, poultry and fish farming, and goat herding. These activities assist women greatly and provide them with more economic power.

Bancharoda Gauthan is spread over an area of about 3.5 acres. The members of Durga Shakti women's self-help are employed in works like making cow dung diya, pots, and Dona Pattal and have earned Rs 50,000 from their sales. 65351 kg of vermicompost has been produced by procuring more than 3,28,000 kg of cow dung.

The women's group has earned about Rs 7 lakhs from this. Similarly, by producing 54,000 kilograms of super compost fertilizer and selling 48,423 kilograms, the women have earned about Rs 3,50,000. Bhawna women's self-help group has earned Rs 80,000 by manufacturing soap and incense sticks. While the women of the Annapurna and Shivshakti groups have earned Rs 4.5 lakhs by cultivating vegetables on 5 acres of land.

The members of the Vaibhav women's self-help group in the village are involved in fish farming. Earlier, this group earned an income of Rs. 30,000. The women of the Dhan Lakshmi self-help group are engaged in making vermicompost and earthworm manure.

Members of the Saraswati women’s self-help group are engaged in fish farming and poultry farming. Members of Durga Shakti and Vijay Lakshmi women's self-help groups are producing cow dung diya, idols, pots, Gocasht, etc.

Durga Women's Group manufactures dona-pattal, while Jagriti Self-Help Group manufactures bamboo and kanda. The members of the Mahalakshmi self-help group have earned 10,000 rupees by growing flowers.

The members of the Bhavna women’s self-help group are engaged in mushroom production. Previously, this group earned a profit of about 20 thousand rupees by selling mushrooms. The women of the group stated that the Gauthan and Badi schemes of the government have improved their standard of living, and now they are able to fulfil the needs of their families easily.

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