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Barring all odds Alma Chopra motivates people towards staying positive

'Seeing our own strength is a matter of perspective'

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 30.06.21, 07:26 PM
Alma Chopra.

Alma Chopra. File picture

Internationally based speaker and entrepreneur, Alma Chopra believes that one can overcome adversity and become an inspiration to others, as she has done with her own life journey. She has risen to great heights as a positive influence on others, demonstrating that anyone can achieve anything if they put their minds to it.

Being an exemplary example for the world with her life experience she has shown that with a positive attitude one can fight with a serious illness like Cerebellar Ataxia. And also has been a true inspiration for many young generations. Regardless of all the challenges she experienced in life, this brave woman never gave up.


A world-class speaker whose power is to reinforce belief in individuals, Alma has reclaimed her power after two decades of hiding away and living in the shadow of her infirmity. Even though she has gone through such humiliation and mental suffering that is unimaginable, her ability to rewind and replay circumstances and scenes that cause bodily or emotional pain cannot be underestimated.

Speaking on her breakthrough moment, Alma says, “Our acts in life are motivated by fear and hatred. We live in a world where far too many of us are propelled by negativity. Motivating ourselves for the purpose of love is significantly less harmful, and it may even assist us in achieving the calm and tranquilly we want.”

Life throws obstacles at everyone, and it's impossible to avoid them. This is why she works with audiences to help them create appropriate coping mechanisms while also strengthening their resilience during the challenging shift. She is able to help others and put a smile on people's faces through her public speaking and coaching, which also encourages her.

An enabler who has destined herself to work towards moulding the norm, Alma, has made it her mission to challenge the current status quo, tells charming stories to enable her listeners to escape the self-pitying images and obtain entrance to the centre table of belief and resurrection.

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