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Atishi raises concerns over mismanagement of public funds in Delhi University colleges

Atishi advocates for transparency and accountability in financial management, proposing solutions to address irregularities in Delhi University colleges supported by the Delhi Government

Our Web Desk New Delhi Published 01.12.23, 09:36 PM

Atishi File photo

In a startling revelation, Delhi Education Minister Atishi has sounded the alarm on massive irregularities in funding within 12 Delhi University (DU) colleges supported by the Delhi Government. In a letter addressed to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, Atishi raised concerns over financial misconduct and procedural lapses involving hundreds of crores from the public exchequer.

Atishi, in her correspondence with the Union Education Minister, highlighted that the Delhi Government has noted serious irregularities and procedural lapses in the functioning of these colleges, which directly impact the judicious utilization of public funds. She underscored the urgency of addressing the issue and proposed two potential solutions to remedy the identified irregularities.


The first proposition involves the complete merger of the 12 colleges under the administration of the Delhi Government, making them fully funded by the state. This move, Atishi argues, would enhance transparency and accountability in the utilization of funds, ensuring that the Delhi Government can directly oversee the colleges' financial management.

The second proposal suggests that the Government of India (GoI) takes full control of the 12 colleges under the Delhi University umbrella. In this scenario, the Delhi Government would cease allocating funds to these institutions. Atishi emphasized that since these colleges are directly affiliated with DU, they are not currently accountable to the Delhi Government for the judicious utilization of funds.

Atishi's revelations have sparked a heated debate on the management and funding of higher education institutions, with the Delhi Education Minister taking a swipe at the Central government, stating, "Either you run these colleges or let us run them."

The Delhi Government is now awaiting a response from Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on the proposed solutions, with stakeholders and the public eagerly watching as the scandal unfolds. The outcome of this situation could have far-reaching implications for the governance and financial oversight of higher education institutions in the country.

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