Monday, 30th October 2017

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Amit Shah links government data in public domain to RTI pleas

Information given out by government has reduced the need to file applications

By PTI in New Delhi
  • Published 12.10.19, 11:54 AM
  • Updated 12.10.19, 11:54 AM
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Home minister Amit Shah Telegraph file picture

The government has taken a number of steps to proactively bring information to the public domain, thereby reducing the need to file Right to Information applications, home minister Amit Shah claimed on Saturday.

The RTI Act has bridged the gap between the people and the government, and addressed mistrust, he said at the 14th annual convention of the Central Information Commission (CIC).

Shah, who was the chief guest at the event, said when the law was being drafted, there were apprehensions of its misuse, but in the last 15 years the benefits have outdone the misuse.

Dashboards for various schemes introduced by the Modi government have enabled even the poorest of beneficiaries to get information about them and their implementation by going online, the home minister said.

He said the government was creating infrastructure to ensure maximum information is put in public domain to reduce the need of filing RTI applications by citizens.