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Missing the gym? Here’s some fitness inspo from Insta that’ll help you stay in shape while at home

From warm-up to abs and cardio, there are videos for you to follow at home

By Malancha Dasgupta
  • Published 25.03.20, 8:28 PM
  • Updated 25.03.20, 8:28 PM
  • 4 mins read
You won't miss the gym again! Shutterstock

Handle: yogasini
Number of followers: 186k

Radhika Bose gives us a glimpse of fitness, travel and style on her page. Isn’t that a great combination? From warm-up to abs and cardio, there are videos for you to follow at home. Once you are tired after your workout, scroll through her wanderlust photos to refresh yourself. Be it the Dead Sea or Kuala Lumpur, she has pictures from every corner.

“If you’re following my feed you know by now for sure that I’m a hardcore & dedicated fitness enthusiast...”

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Your Tuesday workout is here . It's a full body workout , the best kind . Also ladies we have to work our whole body to lose weight or tone up. Belly fat kam karne ke liye , you'll still have to do squats and lunges bus crunches se belly fat nahi jayega. This is how fitness works . There are no quick fixes and tricks and the people who claim this is true are lyinggggggg Sorry to burst your bubble . Anywho save this or do it right now. I know you all are at home. You better be.... @yogasini #yogasini . . . . . #fitnessgasm #fitwear #bootybuilder #bootyworkout #coreworkout #indianfitnessmodel #fitnessworkouts #fitnessvideos #athomeworkouts #workoutathome #popsugarfitness #popxo #plixxo #delhibloggers #delhigram #cosmoindia #maibhisadakchap #indianblogger #womenworkout #healthylifestyle #lifestyleblogger #fitlife #fullbodyworkout #getsabs #loseweight #indianfashionblogger #dailyworkout

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Handle: crossfittraining
Number of followers: 811k

This Instagram page proves that one can start working out at any age, from 7 to 70. There are funny videos of kids exercising as well as those of old people working out, because age is just a number at Crossfit. From inspiring stories to correct postures to healthy recipes, you can look up all these and more. Don’t miss out the video where one of the functional adaptive trainers is training an athlete with spinal cord injury. It is our favourite for sure!

“We scale load and intensity; we do not change programs.” In other words, “the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.” Why? “Because everyone, of every age and ability, will benefit from the practice of functional movements...”

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No more excuses! We're redefining WFH - so get ready for #WorkoutFromHome. We will be sharing workouts that need no access to a gym. Remember folks, stay consistent! Day 9 it is, let’s go!! For today, all you need is a bed 🛏 Complete as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes: 1. Burpees + high knees - 10 2.Switch lunges + kick overs - 10 es 3. Plank walk + kick ups - 10 If you need to rest in between rounds, either rest in a plank or in a wall squat hold 😉 Take a picture or video of your workout & post it on your account or in your stories, tag us @sweatyninjas with the hashtag #SweatyNinjasAtHome and we will reshare. Let us help the community get active, your post could motivate someone to start focusing on their health 🙏 #workoutfromhome #committedtofitness @reebokindia

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Handle: sweatyninjas
Number of followers: 13.9k

Swetha Devjaj and Devrath Vijay, two Bangalore-based online trainers, will not only give you fitness goals but also travel goals. The duo post simple workout videos where you can use everyday things as a weight. Their exercise techniques called Animal Flow are quite unique yet effortless. Animal Flow is a mixture of postures of different animals. Even if we cannot travel now, our mind can always wander! From sea to the mountains, they have workout videos in some of the most beautiful places.

“When you wake up in the morning every single day you have two options — think of life as a burden and blame everyone around you or embrace life in all its glory and see the beauty in everything around you? What’s your choice?”

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FREE 14-DAY FITNESS LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE 💪🏼 During these crazy times it’s important for us to come together and help each other, however we can... I wanted to put together this challenge for those of you stuck in lockdown (or you can’t get to your regular gym/yoga studio) ☺️ 👇🏼 HOW IT WORKS: ✨15min follow-along workouts & yoga (I sweat it out WITH you in real time!) ✨No equipment needed! ✨A new video will be posted each day on my YouTube Channel (and also in my app #freshbodyfitmind 👌🏼)...just find the latest video posted on YouTube (or look under ‘challenges’ in my app) . This is your chance to get fit, strong & flexible, even if you are stuck in isolation! 👊🏼 The best part is, you will have a whole bunch of people around the world doing the same class as you each day! 🥰 So if you would like to share your challenge here on Insta (post or stories), don’t forget to tag: #freshbodyfitmind & #comeoutstronger So we can find you, show support & maybe even make some friends along the way! 👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏿👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏽👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏾👫🏻 Tag some friends below & comment #comeoutstronger to let me know you’re in! 😬 💥WE START THIS SATURDAY!💥 First class will be this one! 👆🏼 15min WHOLE BODY HIIT 30sec of each exercise (with 30sec REST after every second exercise) 💪🏼 Workouts are even better with someone else, so don’t miss sweating it out with us!! 😁 See you Saturday! 🎉 ab♥️x

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Handle: amandabisk
Number of followers: 719k

Suffering from back pain or ankle injury? You can also work out! Amanda Bisk has uploaded workout videos like Lower Back Pain Stretches and Ankle Injury Workout. The highlights of her stories, be it workouts, challenges, food, eco tips, or yoga, are quite simple and easy to follow. You don’t even need a playlist, because she has already made one for you. The account also has videos that concentrate on specific body parts like Pelvic Floor Activation, Booty Sharper, Cardio Sweat and Hip Mobility. Don’t miss the cute dogs that keep appearing.

The Telegraph tip: You can start with 14 Days Fitness Lockdown Challenge.

“The best training buddies you can ask for. These guys are so funny... they literally don’t leave my side? If I’m training at the park, they won’t run around, unless I run around! Which means, I always have to add laps to my workouts so they get some exercise!!”

Handle: justin_gelband
Number of followers: 24.5k

Yes, he is the fitness instructor who has worked with Victoria Secret models. Do look up some of his action-filled videos. The reason we paused on this account is because he believes “be the best you can be with the body that you’ve been given”. So sit at home and try some of his workout moves because it’s never too late to start. Even if you don’t end up becoming a Victoria Secret model, you are sure to become a healthier version of yourself because he says, “3 months from now, you will thank yourself”.

Handle: thebodycoach
Number of followers: 3.1m

This account has some healthy yet tasty dishes like Butternut Squash Risotto, Prawn and Chorizo Stir Fry and Chicken Cashew Curry that you can cook at home. The transformation pictures are sure to give you some fitness goals. He also has some home workout for senior citizens, some of which you can do sitting on a chair. For comic relief, check out his videos with his kid.

Handle: nidhimohankamal
Number of followers: 68.1k

Are you a vegan? Then this is the page for you to follow. Apart from the workout videos on fitness and weight loss, Nidhi, who is an Indian nutritionist, strength trainer, YouTuber, and Ashtanga yoga expert, also posts healthy vegan recipes that will help you to maintain the body.

“No makeup, herbal oil in my hair, meditated, aura cleaned, on organic food... feeling rejuvenated and strong! Glad I took time off for myself! In this worldwide chaos I needed this disconnect and grounding. I hope you all keep fear away and immunity up.”

Handle: yasminkarachiwala
Followers: 790k

Yasmin Karachiwala has trained celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt. From nine-day Pilates Mat exercise challenges to snippets from the Pilates Festival at Kovalam, her Instagram profile has them all. For motivation, watch some of the videos where she is training the celebrities.

The #Pilates community dedicates the month of March to sharing Pilates mat exercises from around the world.

Handle: alomoves
Number of followers: 595k

If you are a yoga person then this page is just for you. Before working into any yoga pose, it’s important to have a strong foundation and that is exactly what this account will help you do — build a powerful foundation! We also recommend this page to all the moms-to-be. Check out their backbending modifications for each trimester.

Handle: home.exercises
Number of followers: 2.7m

This account is filled with home workouts and you can choose which part of the body you can work on. From toning legs and abs to reducing love handles and back fat, put on your gym attire and start working out today. Don’t miss the super cute video of a pug working out. Home.exercises also has some yummy and healthy recipes for you to try at home.