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Full Mouth Dental implants with latest techniques have Great Result and long lasting solution. Dr Rohit Yadav, HaiDent

The dental implant is a substitute for your missing teeth and it almost performs like your own missing teeth.

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Dentistry in India is becoming vast everyday by upgrading itself with the latest technology and techniques. “Dr Rohit Yadav”.

CORTICO-BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY is the latest and advanced dental implant technology wherein patients get permanent, fixed teeth within 72 hours. Dr. Rohit Yadav is highly skilled and expert in this technique and has become a very famous name in dental Implantology in India by giving a smile on the face of thousands of national and international patients. Today we will discuss more about this dental implant trend with Dr. Rohit Yadav. CMO, HaiDent India:

Why to go with Dental Implants?

The dental implant is a substitute for your missing teeth and it almost performs like your own missing teeth. Getting Permanent fixed teeth by dental implant procedure will give you natural younger appearance, long lasting solution, improved self-esteem and a freedom to enjoy your favourite foods without any waiting periods. Overall, you will feel much better and confident in your day-to-day life.

What is the downside of dental implants?

Implant placement is an art but placing implants successfully by keeping patients’ jaw bone conditions and medical condition in mind is a much bigger art. Successful implant placement cannot be judged on day one or in initial days. Successful dental implant placement means patients should enjoy their teeth for the rest of their lives. Downside may be visible in the future as implants’ failure if it has not been placed with proper treatment planning and perfect technique.

Who is the best dentist for implants? I mean, how to choose a dentist for implants?

Implant placement can be done by any Dentist who has a degree but let’s understand, Patient A’s jaw bone condition is different from patient B’s. Patient B might be diabetic for 5 TO 7 years and patient C might be a BP patient. Patient X may have gone through chemotherapy during cancer treatment wherein He/she suffered from extreme bone loss. So, according to me, any dentist is the best dentist or dental surgeon for implant placement who knows placement techniques as per patients’ medical conditions and requirements. Every patient’s condition is different and the same placement approach for all patients will not do justice to the patients.

What’s Cortico-Basal implantology and Key benefit of this technique?

Cortico-Basal Implantology is a system that works on the principle of engaging the cortical or the basal bone and not the crestal bone. The predictability of the basal implants is definitely better as compared to conventional implants as the basal bone remains stable and unaffected throughout life. The design of implants in Cortico-Basal Implantology is different as the type of bone is actively engaged as well as in the loading protocols. The demand for a wide crestal bone does not exist in Cortical implantology.

The Key benefit of this technique are as below:

Simple procedure (no cuts, no stitches): literally a clean procedure which does not require placing any cuts in tissues for placing implants, which means quicker procedure, no cuts, no stitches & minimal bleeding.

No bone cases surely be treated: Perfectly feasible in minimal or no bone cases also which are generally not feasible with conventional implants.

Immediate functional loading: Patient can actually start eating food within 3-5 days of placing the implant. so, no more exhaustive waiting period for you.

No post-implant infections (periimplantitis): With strategic implantology, chances of infection around the implants are greatly reduced.

No bone grafting or other complicated bone surgeries: No such extensive surgical interventions are required with strategic implantology. We believe in and use the existing native bone of the patient this means decreased chances of complications & easy on your pocket...!!

No pain & swelling: There are least post procedure symptoms like pain & swelling since the procedure is minimally invasive.

Strategic implants can proceed successfully in the case of diabetic & heavy smokers.

We at Haident are offering fixed permanent teeth within just 3-4 days, thru cortico basal dental implants placement even if the patient has Extreme Bone loss, to easily Avoid Complicated Bone Surgeries like Sinus Lifts or Ridge Splits, To Avoid expensive bone grafting before dental implants, simpler, gentler & quicker and successfully possible in diabetic patients and heavy smokers. Haident also offers world’s best conventional implant systems like Nobel Bio-care & Straumann. HaiDent is recognized as the best dental implant clinic in India for dental implant treatment at a reasonable cost. Our dental implantologist “Dr Rohit Yadav” and his team are highly educated, skilled, experienced, and well recognized for successful dental implant placement in India. Our dental team is specialized and has expertise in dental implantology and prosthetics.


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