Double duty

Samrat Sen chalks out a power-building kettlebell drill 

  • Published 4.02.18

Double Kettlebell Half Snatch

The double kettlebell Half Snatch is a king-sized power builder. The lift involves swinging two kettlebells between the legs and snatching them to a lockout at an overhead position. On the way down, make sure to bring the kettlebells down to rack position, drop down to the swing and snatch.

You can do multiple (or a few) reps off this exercise as part of a circuit or complex.

Tip: Perform one rep at a time. Rest in the rack position if need be; don’t try to rush through the lift. Make sure you have the single-arm snatch mastered before you try this.

Benefits: It’s a power endurance builder. It builds powerful bodies, torches calories and keeps your ego in check!

Double Kettlebell Gorilla Cleans

The Gorilla Cleans is a great conditioning workout because it’s executed at a rapid pace. Lifters start out by cleaning one bell in rack and holding another bell by the thigh in the “hang” position. From here on, perform a shallow squat to clean the bell and simultaneously drop the other bell.

Tip: The Cleans here are done with the help of a shallow squat to get the momentum you need for every repetition. Remember to breathe constantly along with the pace of the lift to synchronise properly.

Benefits: This exercise is a great calorie-burner and conditions the body very well. 

Double Kettlebell Sots Press

This is one of the most challenging lifts to execute. The lift is performed at deep squat position, from where you are supposed to press both kettlebells up together. The physical demand here is great as not only one’s strength is tested but also their hip and shoulder mobility. Many people are able to press up heavy weights but Sots Press may pose to be quite a challenge even to them purely because of its mobility demands.

Tip: Throughout the movement, try to keep your torso upright and steady your core. Use general pressing guidelines to perform. Start with a light single kettlebell and progress to doubles.

Benefits: Builds great core stability and tremendous shoulder strength and mobility. 

Double Kettlebell Rack Squat

If you are looking for leg strength, tremendous core engagement and lower body development, the double KB Rack Squat is the answer!

Keep the elbows pointed downward once you have the kettlebells in the rack, only then you will feel how this exercise loads your core, your legs and glutes like no other. If you are performing with heavy kettlebells, the effects will stay with you till next morning.

Tip: Make sure to brace your core with every rep and stay upright because the kettlebells will try to get away from you… you are not only up against the weight but also the sheer displacement of it!

Benefits: Great exercise to develop lower-body strength and conditioning. Great core and glute trainer. Very functional and has carryover benefits to real life.

Double Kettlebell Lunge to Alternative Press

The is a fun yet challenging move, where you pick up two kettlebells and move forward in a lunge… the kettlebell on the side of your forward leg stays cradled in the rack, while you are pressing out the other kettlebell. Once you go back to standing position, bring down the kettlebell. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

Tip: If you are unable to move and perform the press at one go then standing, press up with one kettlebell, and then perform the lunge. This will help you progress at moving and pressing at the same time.

Benefits: Improves overhead lockout stability, stabiliser muscles and legs get well trained for both for strength and balance. Also improves coordination.

Samrat Sen is a Calcutta-based kettlebell expert and trainer. If you have any queries about kettlebell training or kettlebell sport, write to 

Pictures: Pabitra Das