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PM Modi, Australian PM Anthony Albanese attend special community event in Sydney

The India-Australia relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday as he addressed a special community event here. Modi along with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese attended the event at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena. Here are pictures from the event

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese arrived at the venue in Sydney on Tuesday to attend a special community event to celebrate the country's dynamic, diverse Indian diaspora, amid immense enthusiasm among the community members.  Prime Minister Modi said that there was a time when 3Cs used to define relations between India and Australia. These three were - Commonwealth, Cricket and Curry.

"After that, it was 3Ds.. Democracy, Diaspora and Dosti! Then it became 3Es, it was all about Energy, Economy and Education. But the truth is that the actual depth of the relation between India and Australia transcends these C, D, E..." Modi said.

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Modi said the strongest and biggest foundations of India-Australia relations are mutual trust and mutual respect, and the real reason behind this is the Indian diaspora.  "No matter how different lifestyles are in both countries, Yoga connects us! Cricket is something which has kept us connected for ages...and now tennis and movies are other connecting bridges," he said. "The more interesting the competition on the cricket field, the deeper is our friendship off the field," he added, amid applause.

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 Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi gets a "rock star reception" wherever he goes, as he welcomed his “dear friend” at an event here and compared him to American singer Bruce Springsteen. Albanese pitched for greater cooperation between India and Australia as he welcomed Modi to a roaring 21,000-strong crowd at the Qudos Bank Arena here, one of the city's biggest indoor stadiums. 

He thanked his "dear friend" Modi for “bringing the spirit of the world’s biggest democracy to Australia”, saying he had helped "make our democracy stronger and more inclusive." He described the cheering audience, made up mainly of members of the Australian-Indian community, as friends and said he was proud they had made Australia their home.

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Playing up India and Australia’s connections, Albanese said he wanted to see the relationship between the two countries continue to grow, including in the business and education sectors. “We want to see more connections. More Australian and Indian students living and studying in each other’s countries, and bringing those experiences home,” he said. “More business leaders and artists and families sharing your experiences and your knowledge and your ideas,” he added.

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Albanese said he was reminded of his earlier visits to India as a 28-year-old when he returned to the country earlier this year as prime minister. “It was a trip full of unforgettable moments: celebrating Holi in Gujarat, laying a wreath for the great Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi, and doing a lap of the incredible stadium at Ahmedabad on Day 1 of the fourth test,” he said. “Everywhere I went, I felt that deep sense of connection between the people of Australia and the people of India. It’s a warmth I felt when I backpacked around India for 5 weeks in 1991 – if you want to understand India, travel by train and video bus,” he said.

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A street here in Australia was on Tuesday officially renamed as "Little India" by Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese during a special community event here. Harris Park is a hub in Western Sydney where the Indian community celebrates festivals and events such as Diwali and Australia Day. 

India currently has three consulates in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Brisbane currently has an Honorary Consulate of India. "A new Indian Consulate will be opened soon in Brisbane," he said. "An absolute delight connecting with Indian diaspora at the community programme," Modi said at the event attended by more than 21,000 people from across Australia.

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Underling that the IMF considers India the bright spot of the global economy, Modi said according to the World Bank, if there's any country which is withstanding global headwinds, it's India. "India has made record exports even in the most challenging times," he said, adding that India does not lack capability, India does not lack resources either. "Today, the country which has the world's biggest and youngest talent factory is...India." Prime Minister Modi also announced that India will open a consulate in Brisbane to fulfill the long-pending demand by the diaspora.

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170 Indian origin people took a chartered flight from Melbourne to Sydney to attend the event. 

"The Indian Australian community is excited to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi after nine years. He visited Australia in 2014 and was greeted by a large crowd at Sydney's community reception," Jay Shah, one of IADF's directors, told the Special Broadcasting Service, an Australian hybrid-funded public service broadcaster. Supporters of Modi have also organised special buses from Brisbane and Canberra.


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