Spot the champ

Dev and Rukmini hit it out of the ring with chaamp

  • Published 25.11.16

He has grace and power. He fights with poise and patience. He is a survivor. And he is all set to storm the boxing ring from November 25. Who he? Shibaji (played by Dev), in Raj Chakraborty’s boxing film Chaamp, co-starring Rukmini Maitra. The film chronicling the rise and fall and rise of Shibaji hits the floors today. “This ring is everything for him. The boxing ring is his world. Chaamp (a Dev Entertainment Ventures production) is an inspirational story about someone who strives to fulfill his dreams,” Dev told t2.


I have been training for three months now. If your defence is not strong, then you’ll end up with broken teeth and jaw! I have taken punches in the stomach. Boxing involves a whole lot of rhythm. Skipping is one of the most important exercises. I know the hooks and punches, the steps. For this film, we want to do something that has never happened in Indian cinema before. We want to achieve that perfect international look and feel for this film — DEV

Director’s Cut 
♦ A 12-year-old Shibaji gets hold of a pair of boxing gloves from a dustbin. He goes to a stationery shop and catches a glimpse of Muhammad Ali boxing away to glory on a TV screen. The shop owner tells little Shibaji who the champ on screen is — The Greatest. Shibaji also gets to know the name of the thing he is wearing on his hands.... boxing gloves. 
 The quandary Shibaji faces when he struggles to reach the national tier in boxing... does he go back to the village or stay on? 
 Shibaji’s love interest, Jaya, stands by him through tough times.


In her debut film, Rukmini plays Jaya, who sports everything from a black bodycon dress, a leather pencil skirt teamed with an Aztec- print off-shoulder top, a short coral dress to a blue top paired with salmon pink jacket and white trousers. “The colour palette of my dresses has been made keeping the journey of Jaya in mind. The colours reflect what she is going through. The look in totality is of a modern young girl... it is minimalistic, very classy and sexy. She likes wearing solid colours,” Rukmini told t2.

Text: Arindam Chatterjee