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Selection of songs that inspire a sense of freedom

Songs preferred by music lovers

None Published 06.09.23, 07:26 AM
Ranbir Kapoor in Ilahi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Ranbir Kapoor in Ilahi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The three songs which give me the feeling of freedom are:
1. Petkati chandiyal by Kabir Suman which goes: ‘Je chheleta pranpone rickshaw chalachhe muktir ghuri taake khobor pathachhe.’

2. Chalser gaan, also by Kabir Suman. The lyrics that touch me the most are: ‘Aajke je seesh diye gaan gaay /Jeno gaan geye othe kaal shey / Chokh theke khule niye choshma / Mon theke muchhe diye chalse / Kaal shey kaal shey’)


3. Pratul Mukhopadhay’s iconic ‘Jhinge baecho paanch sikete, hajar takai sona / Bondhu tomaar lal tuktuke swapno baecho na’ (Tell us which songs give you the feeling of freedom... August 12)

Kajal Chatterjee

1. The famous Rabindrasangeet Amar mukti aloye aloye depicts the true essence of liberation when one offers oneself at the altar of the Creator.
2. Sadda haq from the film Rockstar. The song implies the right to live or the freedom to lead life according to our will.
3. Let it go from the movie Frozen. It is about embracing one’s true self, overcoming obstacles and moving ahead in life.

Sohini Raychaudhuri

1.Chak De! India from Chak De! India. The lyrics I love: ‘Ho koi tho chal zid phadiye, doobe tariye ya mariye / Haye koi to chal zid phadiye, rehna na yaar peechhe, kitna bhi koi kheenche.’
2. Agar dil raazi hai from Raazi. The lyrics I love: ‘Lagaa de daanv par dil, agar dil raazi hai.’
3. Mera jahan from Taare Zameen Par.The lyrics I love: ‘Safed baadalon ke paar mera jahan / Aaisa ajooba hai mera jahan.’
4. Khulla asmaan from Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.The lyrics I love: ‘Kar le mere sang ab tu yaari.’

Dayita Chakraborty

The song that gives me a feeling of freedom is Illahi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. This song teaches us that freedom is when you have the will to survive on your own and fulfill all your dreams independently. The song clearly portrays how freedom really helps you to enjoy your life.

Subhangee Roy

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