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By Aryann on playing Kakababu’s santu in mishawr rawhoshyo Kushali Nag What do you think of Aryann as Santu? Tell t2@abp.in
  • Published 2.10.13

Have you changed your name to Aryann from Devdan for Mishawr Rawhoshyo?

Actually I changed it because of numerology. But I changed it right before Mishawr and I am happy because even after doing two films I will be re-introduced again in Mishawr!

Is Mishawr Rawhoshyo (releasing on Saptami) your best Puja gift?

Yes, absolutely! Undoubtedly! It’s a big film and I know a lot of people are going to watch it which means a huge exposure for me.

You played Prosenjit’s son in Chalo Paltai and his nephew in Mishawr. How has your chemistry evolved with him?

It’s God’s blessing, you know, that I have got such important roles with Bumba (Prosenjit) uncle. It’s really a very big thing for me. I have been able to share screen space with him from such an early age. I always say that I’ve had the best mentor, after all I’ve picked up my acting skills from him.

Didn’t you ever feel intimidated by Prosenjit?

You know, Bumba uncle is a person who can never make you feel uncomfortable. He is just too sweet! During Chalo Paltai, I was really a kid and I didn’t know what I was doing. So on the first day of our shoot I was very excited because I was playing Bumba uncle’s son and equally tense that I had to act with Prosenjit. But the moment he walked in he made things very easy.

In Mishawr, it was just the opposite — I would feel nervous and tense when I had no scenes with him! Because whenever he was there with me in a scene I felt confident; I knew he was always there to correct me if I went wrong.

Was it Prosenjit’s idea to cast you in Mishawr Rawhoshyo?

Actually Srijitda (Mukherji) called me and asked me if I could do his film. But I continuously co-ordinated with Bumba uncle. Then at one point the film got shelved. After a few months I read somewhere that it had been revived and I called up Bumba uncle again. I was called, we did the workshop and I was on. I not only acted in Mishawr Rawhoshyo, I also worked as an assistant director to Srijitda! In fact I had gone for the recce in Egypt with the team. But after I started shooting my portions, I couldn’t juggle the two so I concentrated on my acting.

Apparently, it was a rollicking shoot in Egypt....

Oh my God, yes. We shot inside the pyramids, we encountered real sandstorms and the jeep ride from our hotel to the shoot spot will always be etched in my memory. The road was full of sand dunes and it used to be quite a bumpy ride. As we approached the shoot spot, the jeep picked up speed and I was standing at the back of the jeep holding on to an iron rod. After a point the jeep was above 4ft from the road and I thought I was going to die! For about 15 minutes every two minutes the jeep flew over the sand dunes. Apparently if one has to drive through sand dunes one has to drive at a very high speed otherwise the car won’t move. It was the most scary and thrilling moment of my life!

How are your friends reacting to the Mishawr promos?

They are far more excited than I am! All of them plan to watch the first day-first show with me!

When did you decide to become an actor?

Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to act. My parents were supportive too, there was no opposition from them. My father completely supported me and let me pursue acting. I live and eat cinema.

Do you watch a lot of films as homework?

Oh yes! I watch all kind of films. At least three every week. My favourite directors are Jafar Panahi and Wong Kar-wai.

Which is the last film you watched?

Noviembre, a Spanish film. Very moving tale of a group of theatre artsites.

Have you read Sunil Ganguly’s Kakababu books? Your favourite Kakababu story?

Yes. In fact it’s a coincidence that one of the first Kakababu stories that I read was Mishawr Rawhoshyo and got introduced to Kakababu. And it’s my favourite too! My other favourite is Jongoler Moddhye Ek Hotel.

While reading Kakababu, didn’t you feel you could play Santu?

You are right. Santu is a very identifiable character, especially for boys of our age group. And I love adventure. It’s strange how my dream came true in just a few years of reading Kakababu!

Your favourite scene from Mishawr Rawhoshyo?

The scene where Kakababu teases Santu about his girlfriend (Rini, played by Tridha)! Also, the scenes inside the pyramid are my favourite.

Prosenjit apart, who else are your favourite actors in Tollwyood?

He is my only favourite actor in Tollywood!

DoB: October 9, 1992

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First break: Neel Rajar Deshe (2008)

Extra-curricular: Is a martial arts pro — a black belt in karate and a student of Calcutta Judo Club, Park Street.

Friends call him: Piku