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Dev and Rukmini Maitra glam up for t2

  • Published 10.09.18
The Kabir actor looked classy in a Kunal Rawal short kurta teamed with a bundi with French knots. Rukmini dressed up in the same colour palette, in a long jacket by Ridhima Bhasin and a bralette crop top paired with steel grey draped pants. “I would wear this ensemble when I want to make a statement and turn heads at someone else’s wedding,” said Rukmini. 

Particular on screen and a boy-next-door in real life — that’s Dev style mantra. t2 delves deeper... 

What did you love wearing as a kid? 

I loved wearing new clothes. After becoming a hero, in every film you try hundreds of costumes. So the thrill of wearing something new is gone.

Any hero whose style you admired? 

I think Govinda. He used to come up with some interesting options. 

How has your wardrobe changed? 

It has become bigger! I have a roomful of clothes. I am a T-shirt person. I buy shirts but don’t wear them. 

You are also conscious about the fit…

I keep changing my weight drastically. When I am in shape, I like wearing fitted clothes. When I put on weight, I wear shirts. I love solids and checks. I must be having 35-40 red checked shirts and Rukmini keeps giving them away! 

So, Rukmini has a lot of influence on what you wear? 

Na go! Eto tao influence nei. She has learnt from me. She never admits it! 

Are you fussy about accessories? 

Very! Whenever I am travelling abroad, I make it a point to shop for shoes, but I am a chappal person. I have lots of sneakers. I have lots of belts too. Ektu phutani martey shikhey gechhi. 

Dev looked cool in a blush pink chikankari kurta paired with a churidar, by Vanshik. “This is perfect for a day function like mehndi or the Diwali puja. Pastel is a big colour trend now,” said Devangi Parekh, the creative director of Aza, who styled Dev and Rukmini for the Aza trunk show teaser. Did Dev feel like a groom? “I like Indian wear, but I don’t want to look like a bor so early. I love these kinds of colours... I have used them in a lot of my songs,” he said. The Aza Trunk Show, in association with t2, will be held at The Gallery, Forum Courtyard, on September 11 and 12, from 11am to 7pm.

How particular are you when it comes to film costumes?

Film costumes have become very realistic now. The concept of storytelling has also changed. We have to build a character that the audience can relate to. If you keep Hoichoi Unlimited aside, I have produced realistic films. The next film I am making is also based on true incidents. So, we are working on the look. I am very involved… from safety pin to aal pin, all decisions are taken by me.

Which character of yours did you ideate the look for? 

Kabir, Cockpit and Chaamp or even Chander Pahar… when you see Shankar struggling, it shouldn’t look as if he is wearing clothes off the hanger. It’s all about teamwork. Even your hairdresser can make a difference. Chaamp was very important for me. How a boy from a village is becoming a boxer, and then when he becomes a superstar, and then his fall… the bearded look. In Kabir, I had to look like a terrorist and not a hero. For my next film, which is going to be action-oriented, I have to lose weight again and get my six pack. How you look, what you wear and how you present yourself in a film is important. In your regular life, just be casual and be yourself. 

Did you develop this eye for detail inspired by any of your peers? 

I think experience. 

A heroine who dresses really well… 

I like Rukmini’s style… very classy. 

And heroes… 

I am more of a Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar kind of person… very casual.

Rukmini Maitra looked radiant in a butterscotch yellow lehnga by Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor. “It is a fun colour. The best part is that it is very light. I would wear this to my best friend’s wedding and dance away,” said Rukmini. 

Rukmini Maitra loves dressing up for herself and still wears her sixth-grade clothes! A style chat with t2...

Your personal style is… 

...Inherited. My grandmother has a great sense of style; even at 75, she looks stunning. My mother got it from her. So, it’s practically in my DNA. When the rest of the girls would wear dresses, my mother would dress me up in knotted tops. So, small touches. My mother has always told me that no matter who you are, you should always feel like a star. You should always dress for yourself. 

As a kid, my brother was very possessive. Mom used to dress me up really well and my brother used to dress me up in his clothes… his full-sleeved T-shirts and half pants! He used to do that so that others don’t check me out! That was my brother till I was a good 12-year-old. I never protested because the clothes were very comfortable. 

I’ll tell you a little secret: I have two different sides. My mother calls it rags or riches. Either I am red-carpet ready, or I am someone who hasn’t showered in seven days! The biggest secret of my life is that I still shop from the men’s section. On a lazy day when I know that no one is going to click a picture, I actually go to the men’s section and pick up the smallest size. Believe me, it looks brilliant! I wore one of my men’s tees in Cockpit. 

What are your current style loves?

The bell-bottoms are coming back. I have so many of those! When I was in the sixth grade, bell-bottoms were the in thing. I still fit into my sixth-grade clothes! (Laughs)

So you still have clothes from the sixth grade?!

It is very difficult for me to part with clothes. My aunt had this habit and I have grown up to be just like her. I am a hoarder. They have so many memories. I watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... and fell in love with Kareena Kapoor Khan. I wanted the same You are my soniya outfit and my mother got it made. I wore it to school one day and I also wore it at my last birthday party and danced! 

Dev says he’s taught you a lot about fashion… 

The less said the better… the audience in today’s time is intelligent!  

Dev on Rukmini

Her fave colour: I think red. 

She loves wearing: She loves to experiment. I often have to listen to her high-fashion lectures.… 

Her fave hero, apart from you: She is in love with Kartik Aaryan. 

Rukmini on Dev 

His fave colour: He thinks he looks good in everything. (Laughs) I like him in white. 

He loves wearing: Jackets.

His fave actress, apart from you: He is in love with Deepika Padukone, whom he is now cheating on with Alia Bhatt.

Text: Saionee Chakraborty
Pictures: Pabitra Das