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Citadel Episode 5: The startling secret Nadia Sinh has kept from Mason Kane for years is out

The fifth episode of the Amazon Prime Video series executive-produced by the Russo brothers stars Varun Dhawan in a voice cameo

Smera Marcia Toppo Calcutta Published 20.05.23, 05:02 PM
Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden as Nadia Sinh and Mason Kane in Episode 5 of Citadel, streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden as Nadia Sinh and Mason Kane in Episode 5 of Citadel, streaming on Amazon Prime Video Prime Video

The character arc of Nadia Sinh, the secretive Citadel agent played by Priyanka Chopra, becomes a bit more clear in the second-last episode of the series, though we still don’t know if she indeed is the Manticore mole that betrayed her own. Titled ‘Time Renders Us Enemies’, the fifth episode of the Amazon Prime Video series Citadel has some hold-your-breath moments along with some of the backstory to help you string together the several dangling strands.

Nadia Sinh’s best-kept secret comes out


Nadia confesses to Mason Kane (Richard Madden) of having acquired and destroyed the Ozkey but doesn’t clear the air on whether she indeed has been working on behalf of Manticore. And under duress comes a more startling admission from her — Nadia and Mason have a daughter, who’s being raised by Nadia’s father Rahi Gambhir (Paul Bazely), a Manticore asset and terrorist.

Manticore and Citadel’s ultimate goal

Citadel and Manticore both believe that their mission to do right in the world is fuelled by their desire for peace and truth, and the lines between the two get very blurry at this point. The shrewd and sarcastic U.K Ambassador to the United States, Dahlia Archer (Lesley Manville), who alone has been wreaking havoc on every important Citadel character’s life till now, including her most-trusted right-hand man Anders, reveals that she had targeted Citadel after realising how the spy organisation was perpetrating violence in the name of truth.

Citadel, on the other hand, had been backstopping agents (wiping off their agents’ memories) to put a lid on the agency’s secrets, something that Citadel tech whiz Bernard Orlick had compared to being killed.

It remains to be seen what kind of a punch the last episode delivers as the reason for Manticore being hell-bent on taking down Citadel, given that Manticore believes Citadel to be more of a terror syndicate than a spy organisation.

What Varun Dhawan’s voice cameo means for the Indian adaptation

The fifth episode of Citadel introduces Varun Dhawan as the voice of Nadia’s father Rahi Gambir, and the confirmation comes with a ‘special thanks’ to the Bhediya actor in the episode’s end credits.

While Varun is set to star in the Indian adaptation of Citadel alongside Samantha Ruth Prabhu, his voice cameo begs the question — will Varun play the role of a young Rahi Gambir? Also, is the Indian version, helmed by director-duo Raj and DK, going to be a prequel to the American series? And since it has been revealed that Nadia’s mother was also an ex-Citadel agent, could Samantha Ruth Prabhu be playing her in the upcoming Indian version then? Let’s hope the final episode of Citadel, which drops on Amazon Prime Video on May 26, has some of the answers at least.

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