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Chhota Bheem turns 15: Our six favourite moments from the adventures of the little Pandava and his gang

The animated comedy adventure show, which airs on Pogo TV, often teams Bheem with Krishna, Ganesh and Hanuman

Titas Choudhury Calcutta Published 27.05.23, 12:41 PM
Pogo TV characters celebrate Chhota Bheem’s 15th birthday

Pogo TV characters celebrate Chhota Bheem’s 15th birthday Pogo TV

It was a room full of kids aged 9 to 14. The oldest kid was making fun of a boy who had just turned nine. As all of them were watching Chhota Bheem: The Rise of Kirmada, the young boy stood up, went to a glass coffee table in the room and kicked it right in the middle to release his pent-up anger. By the mathematical specifics of Physics and Bheem’s influence, that kick sent the table cracking into two. Ten years later when the incident is brought up, it’s not the punishment or the crying that’s remembered, it’s how Bheem was the driving force behind the now adult boy’s retaliation. Such is the influence of Chhota Bheem, a beloved cartoon character, who lives in the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur and loves Tuntun Mausi’s laddoos.

As Bheem turns 15, Pogo TV is here to celebrate the gala event with special features.


Here are six of the most memorable moments from the Indian cartoon show, which has been airing on Pogo TV since its launch in 2008, featuring Bheem and his friends Chutki, Raju, Jaggu Bandar, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu and Princess Indumati.

Chhota Bheem meets Krishna in Chhota Bheem: The Rise of Kirmada (2012)

This special film shows Bheem and Krishna striking up a friendship as they fight off the monster Kirmada. Bheem must gather some medicine to save his friends poisoned by a poisonous fruit. He comes across a flock of sheep herded by a flute-playing boy near a cliff. Bheem tries to get him out of his way but ends up in a dangerous fall off the edge from which the boy saves him. The flute-playing boy introduces himself as Krishna and combines forces to save Bheem’s friends. Later, the duo team up to defeat the extremely powerful Kirmada.

Where to watch: Prime Video

Bheem and Krishna meet.

Bheem and Krishna meet. Green Gold TV

Kalia becomes an anti-hero: Kalia Dholakpur ka Superhero (2020)

There is a tussle of ego between Bheem and his friendly foe Kalia throughout the show. Jealous of Bheem, Kalia usually tries too hard to prove himself and lands in trouble. This time Kalia comes across a rubik's cube genie called Modrik Jaadugar, who pretends to give Kalia superpowers. Elated with his new-found ability, the boy imprisons the people of Dholakpur until he himself is imprisoned by the evil wizard. But Bheem appears at the crux of time to save the day. He defeats Modrik after being powered up by his classic laddoos and frees everyone. Bheem’s kindness shines through as he chooses to forgive Kalia for the latter’s rashness.

Where to watch: YouTube

Kalia conspires with Modrik

Kalia conspires with Modrik Green Gold TV

Bheem and Raju as Ram and Laxman: Dholakpur Mein Dussehra Maha Utsav (2021)

Dhuni Baba narrates the tale of Ramayana to Bheem and his friends under the shade of a tree. As he narrates the story, the entire epic plays out with Bheem and his friends acting as the various characters of the story. Raja Indraverma becomes Dasharath, Chutki becomes Sita, Raju becomes Laxman and Bheem becomes Ram. The story takes Ram, Laxman and Sita to their exile, where Sita gets abducted. As Bheem and Raju look for her, they come across a sadhu, who is actually Hanuman in disguise. And who better to play Hanuman than Jaggu bandar! Ram instantly identifies Hanuman’s disguise and seeks Sugreev, who helps Ram with his Vanaar Sena. They reach Lanka by crossing the ocean and rescue Sita, securing a happy ending to the saga.

Where to watch: Youtube

Bheem and Raju as Ram and Laxman

Bheem and Raju as Ram and Laxman Green Gold TV

Bheem teams up with Hanuman: Chhota Bheem aur Bajrangi (2015)

In yet another special crossover of Bheem with a character of mythology, we see Kalia and Raju fall into a river while travelling through the forest. Bheem fails to save them. Just then, Hanuman spots the duo in danger and flies in to help. In his child form, Hanuman teams up with Bheem’s gang and participates in their adventures. But when Dholakpur comes under attack from a flying demoness, this group of kids, led by Bheem and Hanuman, defeat her to ensure safety for the kingdom.

Where to watch: YouTube

Hanuman and Bheem team up

Hanuman and Bheem team up Green Gold TV

Bheem and team in Kerala: Chhota Bheem Dus pe Dus (2016)

King Chinmay of Kerala invites King Indraverma to his kingdom. But the latter king chooses to send Princess Indumati, Bheem and his friends in his stead. When they reach Kerala, they realise someone is robbing the temples of the kingdom and looting its precious stones and handiwork. Bheem and his friends train with the fighters of Kerala to defeat this unknown thief as they prepare to guard the temples. It turns out that the thief is none but the King’s brother, Gajaa. After he is defeated, the Dholakpur gang returns home happy with rewards.

Where to watch: Google Play Movies.

Bheem defeats Gajaa.

Bheem defeats Gajaa. Green Gold TV

Chhota Bheem comes across Ganesh: Chhota Bheem Aur Ganesh (2009)

The elephant god — Ganesh — joins Bheem and his friends in this delectable adventure. When forest monsters attack Bheem’s friends, they pray to Ganesh for help. The god comes immediately to their aid to ward off the monsters. He explains to the kids how he is celebrated in each household at the beginning of every auspicious occasion. He also confesses his love for laddoo, something that is common between him and Bheem. But misfortune strikes when the friends reach the palace of King Indraverma as Jaadugar Jabba abducts Princess Indumati. But with Ganesh, Bheem and his friends get ready to go on a quest to find the princess, when things start to get interesting.

Where to watch: YouTube

Ganesh meets Bheem and his friends

Ganesh meets Bheem and his friends Green Gold TV

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