Birla High School Alumni presented Homecoming 2015, with The Telegraph

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 21.01.15

What: Birla High School Alumni, in association with The Telegraph, presents Homecoming 2015
Where: Birla High School
When: January 10

“How many of you remember the school prayer?” asked Rajat Baid, an ex-student of the school, while hosting the event, and 80 per cent of the old boys raised their hands. Birla High School Homecoming 2015 allowed the alumni to go back to school.

The school ground came to life with old friends greeting each other and renewing friendships. Many students came clean to their teachers about past pranks and tricks. Former teachers were also felicitated.

This year saw a special celebration of two batches —  the Golden Jubilee of the 1965 batch and Silver Jubilee of the 1990 batch. Most ex-students attended the event with their wives and children. 

The second half of the evening saw the boys shed their inhibitions as they danced to songs like Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge. The band, Dhwani, whose lead singer Navin Daga is from the class of 1992, kept the energy levels high.
The evening showed no signs of winding up as the old boys had the time of their lives. 

Mukta Nain, principal, lights the lamp with industrialist Suresh Neotia. “I am very proud of my school. It’s lovely to see the old boys doing so well now. Everyone is so successful,” she said.

This group from the 2010 batch was big on pranks and confessed to t2 that they wouldn’t mind trying a few on some old boys and teachers that evening. “I am returning to school after five years. It is like a journey down memory lane. I miss bunking classes and the canteen the most,” said Harshvardhan Dugar (second from right), who is ‘Rakhi Sawant’ to his friends.

Students of the 1996 batch clicked a group selfie before entering the school grounds. 

Old boy Navin Daga and his band Dhwani kept everyone on on their feet with songs like Lungi dance. 

“The school walls weren’t this high in our days. We could climb over it. We used to bunk school and watch the 11.30am show at a nearby cinema hall. One day the principal was waiting for us in front of the cinema hall and we were caught!” recounted  Sushil Sethia of the 1982 batch. 

“I have seen the school evolve. Even the reunion has changed. More people have started coming back now. It’s very nice to see old students coming here and meeting teachers. This is why it is called a Homecoming,” said Kishan Khandelwal (batch of 1967), a founding member of the alumni association. 

“My parents taught in this school. I was a student here and now I teach here. My son is now a student of this school. Birla High is more than a family to us. It’s great to meet the ex-students,” said Satyajit Mallik.

“I remember Ajay Madan (1982 batch) had once decided to give up education because he could never top in class. I spoke to him and he said he’d think about it. One day another teacher entered the staff room and said ‘your adopted son told me I have no right to scold him because he has decided to continue studying only because of you’. It gave me the confidence to be a better teacher,” 
said Dipa Maiti, who taught in the school from 1964-89.

Priyankar Patra
Pictures: Chanchal Ghosh