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Pro tips to sail through winter in style

Winter has set in. The Telegraph guides you on how to style your look this season
The right jewellery can really change a look
The right jewellery can really change a look
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Neha Gandhi Binjrajka   |   Published 04.12.20, 12:34 AM

Winter fashion tips

⦿ Invest in a really good overcoat. The weather in Calcutta does not support overcoats that much but there is always one day which is really cold and it can go with anything. You could even be wearing pyjamas underneath and a nice overcoat completes the look.

⦿ Pick up a smart and bright sweater. You can go for a nice abstract print and colour block too. I think that looks really cool especially if you are stepping out or even if you are attending a Zoom party.

⦿ Keep stockings of various kinds ready. Even though everyone wants to wear dresses during winter but just for those really cold nights, please invest in really nice stockings that you can wear under your dresses or skirts.

⦿ A nice pair of boots is a must for both men and women.

⦿ Don’t be afraid to layer. It’s important to look good but it’s very important to keep warm and not fall sick specially given the times right now. So it’s important to layer smartly.

Party fashion tips

⦿ Go all bling! You can never go wrong with it when it comes to a party. You can always accessorise or use a nice blingy jacket which would complete the look. I think that looks very nice... and don’t hesitate in accessorising.

⦿ If you don’t feel like wearing something blingy, invest in good jewellery and accessories. The right jewellery can really change a look and that is for men also, who can put on some nice fun necklace chains or nice rings.

⦿ Invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes even if you aren’t stepping out. If you want to dance the night away at home, please don’t wear chappals on NYE or Xmas.

⦿ Wear black, especially since most of us have put on some weight during the lockdown, black always covers up the extra kilos and makes you look wow.

⦿ Classic blue was the Pantone colour of the year, so if you haven’t invested in one already, buy something nice in the shade.

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