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A few fair questions

Toxic blend of caste, colonialism and gender lead to Indian obsession with skin colour

The Telegraph Published 01.07.20, 11:47 PM
Model: Prince

Model: Prince Photograph: Ayan Mitra

First Unilever announced that it will remove the word “fair” from its Fair & Lovely products. Now L’Oréal says it will also remove words such as “whitening” from its skin products. All this in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

We have a few questions.

  • What is the point of dropping the so-called offensive words if the product continues to sell?
  • If the products continue, will the campaigns look any different?
  • At what point did this nonsense about fairness enter Indian culture? Indians in the past were far more cool in their attitude to skin colour.
  • And despite Shah Rukh Khan endorsing a fairness product, why is it that Indian women are obliged to be fair when men can be as dark as they please, more or less? Tall, dark and handsome – TDH. How unfair.

A toxic blend of caste, colonialism and gender has led to the Indian obsession with “fairness”. Let’s go colour-blind for some time!

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