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Nameg: Must visit handloom haven

Its collection of Lambani and Kosa saris serve tradition on a vibrant nine-yard palette

Anannya Sarkar   |   Published 16.07.21, 12:26 AM

Nameg, the handloom haven tucked away in a quiet gully near Lake Market, is now speaking the dialect of traditional Lambani and Kosa through a new collection of saris.

“Kosa silk is a Sanskrit name for tussore silk and this limited-edition collection by Nameg is a modern homage to the rich heritage of the silk weavers who have been working for the last few generations and many of them are even award winners. The simplicity and eye-catching designs on lustrous Kosa saris make them a collectible to pass down through generations,” said Namita Dashora, one of the owners of Nameg.


Lambani is a style of embroidery using a mix of thread, mirror and cross stitches that originated in Karnataka. “Nameg has given a contemporary touch to the traditional comfort of Ikal cotton fabric with finely detailed embroidered borders and pallus,” added Namita.

This collection features a mix of eye-catching colours that can be draped through seasons and occasions. An album...


This is a hand-embroidery Lambani sari made by a semi-nomadic tribe from Sandur, Karnataka. Intricate stitches, decorative applique, mirror and patchwork complete the ornamentation on this sari. Rs 9,950

Flaunt tradition with a twist with this exquisite Lambani-embroidered sari. Accessorise with chunky silver bracelets and earrings. Rs 9,950

This Kosa silk sari in a vibrant hue has been curated by Nameg from weavers who have won awards for three generations for weaving these silk saris. Wear it to a party or for brunch and accessorise with your favourite silver jewellery. Rs 7,350

This Kosa silk in pink with a beautiful pallu is for romantic nights out, spent sipping from champagne flutes as your delicate bangles clink together. Keep the accessories minimum and let the sari do the talking. Rs 11,550

Not in the mood for silk in the heat? Try this Kosa sari in cotton with a vibrant pallu in contrasting shades of brown and ochre. Rs 4,725

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What: Nameg

Where: 56A Raja Basanta Roy Road, Lake Market, Kalighat

When: 11am to 8pm


Contact: 09330463762

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