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Meet Noonoouri, the ‘influencer’ whose Instagram posts are a work of ‘art’

The uber fashionable digitally-created 'influencer' has 283k followers on Instagram

  • Published 15.05.19, 6:36 PM
  • Updated 15.05.19, 6:36 PM
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Here’s the digitally-created ‘doll’! (Insta handle: @noonoouri)

Large, deep and dark eyes. Fringed hair. A cute pout. So pretty. That’s Noonoouri, the uber fashionable digitally-created “influencer”, with 283k followers on Instagram. And, when we wrote to “her” for a chat, she replied almost instantly. Here’s more about the ‘doll’!

Hi Noonoouri! What does your name mean?

My creator was inspired by an artpiece during Art Basel Miami which was called “nono”. Of course the name was taken on all social media platforms. Moreover, he wanted to have something cute like an “i” at the end. So he was playing with the letters and also tried to make it internationally pronounceable. But the main inspiration comes from art. Another reason why I support a lot of artists, as we want to give back.

Here’s the digitally-created ‘doll’!
Here’s the digitally-created ‘doll’! (Insta handle: @noonoouri)

Where are you from?

I am a global citizen. The world is my home. I feel close and connected wherever I am. Home is Paris, I live at the Le Royal Monceau hotel in Paris. I love it!

And, may we ask, how old are you?

Sure! I am 19. My birthday is on September 13, the day my creator sketched me. I am Virgo.

Your Instagram bio describes you as ‘cute. curious. couture’. How would you describe yourself?

These are the exact attributes that describe me. I want to be seen as a cute character, not harming, something playful and nice, a no-fear approach. I am endlessly curious. I love the city lights at night and the sunrise in nature. I’d love to be able to dance ballet as well as street-style. I want to know how the cake is made and where the gemstones of my necklace come from.

Here’s the digitally-created ‘doll’!
Here’s the digitally-created ‘doll’! (Insta handle: @noonoouri)

How has this one-year journey on Instagram been like? How do you juggle such a hectic schedule?

I love being active. I need not rest. I have too many things in my head I want to do. There are too many things happening in the world to be silent. I use my popularity to raise my (non-existing) voice.

You got your fashion game strong. What is fashion for you?

Fashion can move the world. From a simple piece of garment to all the people behind it, fashion can express and bring up things in the language of beauty that people look at.

When did you fall in love with fashion or who made you fall in love with fashion?

My creator was a little boy when his obsession with fashion, beauty and lifestyle started. He fell in love with all the brands and designers. I take advantage of this fact, as I can look back on a huge experience in history through his eyes and emotions.

What are your favourite fashion labels? And, what do you love about them?

Thierry Mugler: I think he brings on the goddess alive in all women.

Versace: I feel so feminine, cute and strong in them.

Valentino: Incredible beauty and mood of NOW.

Dior: As this is the power of NOW.

What about make-up? What do you love best?

I like the smokey dark eyes, like Carine Roitfeld wears them, combined with a very pure and nude look like Kim Kardashian has developed it to the max.

And fragrances?

Miu Miu is my favourite for now.

What else do you want to explore in future?

I want to push myself in India and China as I feel the markets and the traditions in both countries are super exciting, merging and open-minded to new ways.