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FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week’s first fully physical edition wraps up in New Delhi

Glimpses of the event that was hosted at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. The Telegraph was on the front row...

Saionee Chakraborty Published 30.03.22, 04:48 AM

Falguni Shane Peacock showcased a red carpet line, Earthbound, inspired by Lakme’s beauty trend statement #ExploreMore. The set mounted inside a cricket stadium, with a touch of the futuristic, saw glamour dressing high on shine and shimmer. Grid-like structures and interesting choreography heightened the drama.

A swimsuit opened the show followed by sparkly dresses, gowns with trail, power shoulder dresses, jumpsuits and statement suits. There was a touch of sporty too. Towering heels, lots of crystals and feathers added to the statement. The designers also packed in a golden punch with a full series in gold — from power gowns for her to blazers for him.


Ananya Panday was the finale showstopper, in her pink shimmery gown. Post-show, we caught up with Falguni and Shane to tell us more about the collection.

There are shows and there was this show after a pandemic-induced gap. More pressure?

Falguni: I can’t tell you how relieved I am feeling. First of all, I want to start with that. (Laughs) The last two months have been most exciting, making these glamorous outfits, really edgy and cool cuts. I am waiting for all the red carpet events to happen. All these past two years, everyone has been wearing pyjamas. I think it is a good start to the year.

Shane: I am excited because of various things. Firstly, showing back on the runway and most importantly, it is the grand finale. I think it was high on energy and that’s what we love doing. We take everything and make them look like a statement. So, I think putting so many statement looks together was like pulling an arm and a leg, but that is what we really enjoy.

There were elements of athleisure and a certain sportiness too...

Falguni: All in all, we wanted to make it look glamorous.

Shane: The idea is you wear your tights, put on something and walk out.

Falguni: And look glamorous. You don’t have to necessarily wear a gown. The whole idea of the collection was bringing glamour to day-to-day life.

Shane: And toning it down, also!

Falguni: It was not toned down from any angle! (Laughs)

Shane: I mean you’re wearing cycling shorts and this (a piece from the collection)... toning it down.

Falguni: Only the bottom was toned down! (Laughs)

The relationship between make-up and clothes is a special one...

Shane: I think they complement each other. Wearing the wrong make-up can make the outfit look bad and right make-up and wrong outfit is also a disaster. The pencils (Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Collection) were where we took our inspirations from.

What vibe does Ananya Panday bring to the table?

Falguni: Such a young, cool edgy vibe and she is so much fun. She made the outfit look fun and effortless.

Shane: We are also a young brand. We try to change things around to make it look edgy. Ananya perfectly fits in as the showstopper.

Pictures: Sandip Das

Ananya Panday flanked by Shane and Falguni Peacock, the designers for Lakme Absolute Grand Finale in New Delhi, on Sunday

Ananya Panday flanked by Shane and Falguni Peacock, the designers for Lakme Absolute Grand Finale in New Delhi, on Sunday

Quick five with Ananya...

You are back as the Lakme Absolute Grand Finale showstopper. What did you take away from your last time?

I remember having a lot of fun and interacting with the audience and I am looking forward to it this time as well.

What do you love about FPS?

I find their designs very individualistic and dramatic. They play a lot with colour and shimmer and drama.

You are on a fashion high right now… how has your style game changed?

I think I consistently try to be myself and I never say no to trying new things.

When you dress up, how much of it is your stylist’s input and how much is yours?

I am pretty open to trying out different things. What is most important is doing a few rounds of fittings and trying as many things as possible and finding the right stylist who understands me.

You are a pretty minimal make-up person. What make-up item do you love the most?


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