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Fashion models candid about their favourite t2 shoot memories

T2 takes a walk down memory lane with a few beauties sharing their fun filled moments working with the tabloid

Priyanka A. Roy Published 02.02.22, 06:25 AM

“Where do I begin when I talk about t2?! I think I have been associated with t2 from the start and the association has been wonderful and the relationships are real bonds that I cherish. t2 is family and a safe space. It has been a part of my life since its inception, and I am most comfortable with t2,” said Pamela Singh Bhutoria as she shared with us a favourite shot from her shoot with t2 in 2021 in outfits by designer Bidyut K. Biswas.

“One of my recent shoots with t2 that will stay with me for a long long time is the shoot we did for Rimi Nayak at Amoli in Santiniketan last year. A three-day trip with team t2 and my colleagues was a memorable one. From the road trip to the stay, the food and endless late-night chats will stay with me forever!” said Ushoshi Sengupta.


“This shoot is my absolute favourite as this was for Satya Paul. He is no more but this shoot was an ode to him, celebrating him and his creative genius. For me, I feel privileged to have been a part of this shoot,” said Pinky Kenworthy, sharing with us her favourite shot from the 2019 t2 shoot.

“I have done many shoots with t2 over the years. This shoot was quite interesting. In fact before this and after this, I never really shot with real chocolate. It was used for the styling. I really liked what Kaushik and Rajat had done in this shoot. It was also before my first national campaign, many years ago, over 12 or 13 years ago,” recalled Rachel White about this t2 shoot from 2009.

“This shoot for t2 was done in 2018, before I was supposed to leave for my Antarctica trip that later got cancelled. This was shot at Paris Cafe, which had just opened doors. We ate a lot of good food there and had a lot of fun. This shoot is special for me and a turning point too, as the story focussed on athlete Maadhabilata not model Maadhabilata that most people knew of until then. Before this shoot, all my shoots for t2 was for fashion. For the first time I had posed for t2 for an athletic story as a mountaineer,” said Madhabilata Mitra.

“I love this shoot because this was about friendship, about us being close in spite of a 10-year age gap. As Sneha is about to start her new journey (she’s getting married soon), it just makes me happy to see that we stuck it out in spite of being in a profession where friendships seldom last. Also it was quite a hilarious shoot, with us in the middle of Golf Green on a busy working day in our skimpy outfits. The t2 photographer had to literally double up as our bodyguard too!” shared Tina Mukherjee (right), about this shoot with fellow model Sneha Ghosh.

“I think t2’s first ever fashion photo shoot was with me. My modelling career grew with t2. I will always be thankful to t2 for giving the initial push to my modelling career. This shot is from a laid-back working Sunday in 2019. I started singing impromptu with a sore throat in between shots. It was spring but I was singing a song based on the rainy season, and it started raining and I felt like the new-age Tansen,” laughed Bidita Bag as she shared with t2 a video capturing this fun BTS moment from the shoot.

“While doing our last shoot on Yuletide (2021) for t2, we were shooting with my little daughter (Kaira), who stole the limelight as she was more conscious of her hair and make-up than we were. Every time we were about to click, she said to wait as the stylist settled her curls,” said Jessica Gomes Surana as she shared her favourite funny memory from a t2 shoot with us.

“It is really exciting for me to shoot with t2 any day. I have so many memories. I still remember once we were shooting for a designer at their house in Alipore and the t2 photographer wanted a very casual-looking frame. But I deliberately wasn’t listening to him and then he said he didn’t want a king or gangster in his frame and that made everyone laugh. It is one of the moments that I will always cherish. Shooting with t2 is about the warmth, comfort and fun,” said Mohammed Iqbal.

“My journey with t2 started back in 2008 and one of my most memorable shoots was the one where I was featured as a designer for the first time on the July 4, 2019 edition. I remember my heart swell with pride when I saw the cover page with a picture of me with my partner in crime Ushoshi Sengupta that read ‘DESIGN DEBUTANTE’. This one was more special because it happened at a time when I was emotionally in a very uncertain space. t2 has been an essential part of my journey as a model and a designer for over a decade now,” said Roja Paromita Dey.

“Though every shoot for t2 is always fun and special, I don’t think I will ever forget this shot that we did with Abhishek Dutta last year. In this particular shot, I had to jump down from an engine, and every time I tried to jump, the shoes came off as I was jumping from a height of approximately five to six ft and on hard concrete. I must have used two to three pairs for this shot but eventually we had to do with whatever we had taken. Didn’t want to sacrifice any more shoes!” shared Neeraj Surana from his 2021 wedding lookbook shoot for t2.

“This would be one of my best covers with t2 and also a shoot which was very close to me. I was elated and excited to work with the veteran make-up artist Anu Kaushik for the first time. This was a shoot where we portrayed four different looks for Durga Puja with the colour red as the common factor. I am a person who loves celebrating Puja and I loved how beautifully Anu ma’am had put together all the elements — the sindoor, the colour red and the Frida look,” recalled Diti Saha.

“There are so many funny and memorable moments from t2 shoots. At Abhishek Dutta’s shoot at Chandernagore, we emptied a whole wine bottle that was brought for use at the shoot. He didn’t even get to know about it! t2 always makes shooting like play and fun, and the mandatory groupfie after all shoots makes every shoot memorable. There are always endless memories and happiness whenever I am shooting with t2,” said Subhamita Banerjee recalling the Abhishek Dutta shoot for t2 at Chandernagore in 2020.

“My experience with t2 has always been very good and I’m glad to be a part of the t2 family. I really enjoyed doing my recent t2 shoots because the team has always given me a homely vibe and the feature always helped me in my modelling journey,” said Meghna Bose recalling her recent polki jewellery shoot with t2 last year as one of her favourites.

Pictures: t2 archives and models

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