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Easy on the eye

DIY kajal is simple, nourishing and completely natural

The Telegraph   |   Published 03.06.21, 05:03 AM

To make kajal at home, you will need the following:

• A metal lamp


• A metal plate

• A kajal lata, or any container for the kajal

• Cotton wicks

• Pure castor oil

• Ghee

• Camphor beads

• Patience

1. Fill the lamp with castor oil. Immerse two or three wicks in the oil and light them for a strong, full flame.

2. Place the metal plate on top of the lamp, balanced on two supports, such as glasses or cups of the same height, so that the plate covers the flame of the lamp yet does not extinguish it.

3.   The flame will start depositing lampblack or soot, which is pure carbon, on the metal plate. Keep collecting it, depending on the amount you want. 

4. If the lamp burns out, light it again. If you want more lampblack, use new wicks.

5. Once you collect the desired amount, mix it with ghee.

6. Add the camphor, as much as you need. Store in the kajal lata or any container.

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