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Decoding the Bulgari mangalsutra

The brand’s first India-specific product was virtually launched recently along with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is the brand’s global ambassador

Anannya Sarkar   |   Published 28.10.21, 12:00 AM

Internationally renowned Roman jewellery brand Bulgari launched its first India-specific (both inspired by and exclusive to) jewellery in the form of the Bulgari Mangalsutra that was virtually launched recently along with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is the brand’s global ambassador. Set in 18-carat yellow gold, adorned with round black onyx inserts and pave diamonds, the Bulgari Mangalsutra looks to combine the discs with the brand’s logo with the traditional black beads of the Mangalsutra, as a symbol of fusing the cultures of both the countries. Mauro Di Roberto, managing director, jewellery business unit, Bulgari, tells us more:

What prompted this India-specific jewellery launch since re-entering the Indian market in 2014? Will we see more such launches in the near future?


India is a country that represents growth potential and contains all the key ingredients of success for the world of luxury. At Bulgari, we plan to increase our footprints in brick-and-mortar and e-commerce in the next two-three years. We usually do not make special products for specific countries but we pay attention to local cultures to develop products that will be in line with local specific needs. We do believe that to enter into a market, it is important to understand the cultural and social aspects specific to the country and cater to it accordingly.

Why the Mangalsutra for the first India-specific launch? Considering how sensitive the traditional values surrounding the Mangalsutra could be, how did you plan the research and the product?

The project is very dear to us because it encapsulates our DNA while trying to integrate the Indian heritage and aspects of the product. We believe our version is a contemporary way of looking at a Mangalsutra, a jewel, which has an important meaning for the Indian woman as it symbolises the sacred bond between two people.

How would you market the Bulgari Mangalsutra to the Indian woman of 2021?

We do believe the connotation of our Mangalsutra is a contemporary one, where a jewel can be chosen by the woman. We believe that wearing a Mangalsutra is a matter of personal choice and every woman deserves to make that choice for herself. Bulgari has always professed the independence of women.

What was the design and the making process like?

It took us about three years to come up with the design. This was an important project and it was not easy. Bulgari design has taken inspiration from its heritage in the reinterpretation of iconic signs. Here, the concept was to integrate two cultures by utilising the discs with the Bulgari logo, which represent the inscription on antique Roman and Greek coins, and the beads, which are more integrated to Indian culture.

What does Priyanka Chopra Jonas add to the brand as its global face?

Priyanka perfectly embodies this spirit of the brand being the epitome of the modern-day global citizen, yet very much in touch with her roots and traditions. She has a noble soul, very attentive to what happens around her, in the world and at the same time, represents a beauty that shines through authenticity and elegance.

Given the pandemic, do you notice any consumption changes when it comes to high jewellery?

What we have noticed during pandemic or post Covid (let’s say in the last 12 months) is that the consumptions in general in jewellery has increased quite well. Surely for jewellery, this is due to the online sale on one hand but also to the fact that not been/being? able to travel, consumers are more keen to spend at home and also spend in jewellery. High jewellery consumption, usually unique pieces with important gemstones, has also grown in the last 12 months but we believe that in this case, beside the design and the value of the design itself that all the clients give while purchasing a product, the diversification of the investments portfolio could also be a motivation to buy a high jewellery piece.

Pictures: Courtesy of Bulgari

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