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Home, a new way of life

As we struggle under the threat of Covid-19, our days change shape. It’s being called the 'sweatpants-and-snacks' mode

The Telegraph Published 19.03.20, 11:17 AM
Take a break. Take a mini walk down the hall, inside your room.

Take a break. Take a mini walk down the hall, inside your room. (Shutterstock)

Home has suddenly become the centre of the universe. Under the threat of Covid-19, everyone is home: grandparents, parents, children, and the office. Work is being done through phonecalls and the laptop.

Here are a few tips on how to manage the workday from home, courtesy


1. Start right away

Start work as soon as possible in the morning. Avoid that large, slow mug of coffee and scrolling down Instagram. If you have to attend to housework, only do the most important things.

2. Keep your regular routine

Replicate what you did at office. Get yourself your office-kind-of-coffee or read the stuff you usually do before starting work.

3. Do not switch on Netflix

When you are working, Netflix will not work. When you need a break, chat with a friend. Call her. You need to hear human voices.

4. Work spaces

If you are free to venture out a bit, take your work with you to convenient places. Maybe in the car, at the doctor’s chamber, while visiting a relative.

5. Work spots at home

At home, work from different places. From the dining room. The balcony. It will break the monotony.

6. Take a break

Many people who work from do not take a break, because they feel they need to work twice as much as those who are working from office. Please don’t think so. You are possibly working more at home than you would at office. Take a break. Take a mini walk down the hall, inside your room. Stretch. Or don’t do anything – just watch your breath. You will feel more productive.

7. Put work away

When you are done, you are done. Put your laptop away.

8. Embrace the sweatpants

Wear whatever you want to. Even if it is the same sweatpants.

Also, eat. Work makes you hungry. Have healthy snacks in small portions.

Last, but not the least, do not get up all the time to attend to the others. Teach others to take care of themselves. This is one great opportunity for everyone to learn autonomy at home.

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