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It’s Blursday once more

Checking out new words that have emerged from the pandemic experience
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The Telegraph   |   Published 10.06.21, 01:21 AM

Zoom fatigue and quarantini have already entered our vocab. A few more new words having emerged from the pandemic experience, according to


Maybe it’s Zoom fatigue, maybe too many quarantinis, but you know the feeling when you can’t remember what day it is? Even what hour perhaps? And your eyes are foggy and the screen blurs too? Without the very structures that made our daily lives real, going to the market and bargaining happily, shopping in a real store, travelling to the workplace, the workplace itself, meeting friends, or any actual environment other than the home, we have lost our sense of time. Every day is a blursday. 


Apparently this word was in use before the pandemic, but has taken on another dimension now. Refers to the highly toxic, addictive habit of obsessively scrolling down stuff on devices. The worse the news, the worse you feel, the more you scroll down, maybe hoping for something good, or maybe you want to see how bad things can get and how far you can go? Scary.


Instead of handshakes, two people lightly tapping their elbows together. Don’t know when handshakes will be back. Forget hugs.

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