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Boudoir style, new version

Age-old and time-tested

By Sanika Kakirde
  • Published 19.03.20, 4:58 PM
  • Updated 19.03.20, 4:58 PM
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BF is sensual, involving soft flowy silhouettes and lingerie (Shutterstock)

Boudoir fashion is lace and corsets, age-old and time-tested. But the new version can be easily incorporated in the everyday wardrobe.

What gets into BF?

1. Lace 2. Satin 3. Silk 4. Chiffon 5. Sheer 6. Corsets 7. Stockings 8. Fur (faux, of course)

BF is ultra feminine. These are BF items:

  • Camisoles with a bit of lace trim.
  • Sheer stockings under dresses.
  • Satin shirts with a lace choker.
  • Silk dresses with pearls.
  • Corsets with palazzos (friendly corsets which let you breathe). This can be achieved with darts in the right places.
  • Lace lingerie.
  • Silk pyjamas with chiffon blouses.
  • Lace tops worn with a bralette.
  • Fishnet stockings with a long dress and a side slit.
  • A lace stole with fur trims to wrap over a singlet dress.
  • Sheer long cape worn over a single piece jumpsuit.
  • A bodysuit in either burgundy or black, worn with high-waisted palazzo pants, topped with strings of pearls.
  • A burgundy Chantilly lace saree with a well-crafted black halter blouse, off set with a black velvet choker preferably with a diamant√© pendant. Small studs for the ears, and a cocktail ring.

BF is sensual, involving soft flowy silhouettes and lingerie. Predominant colours are black, burgundy, maroon,with some space for champagne, gold, silver and grey.

Burgundy or red lips with smoky/sultry eyes complete the look.

Accessorise with:

Pearl strings, chokers (velvet/ lace/suede), earrings (pearl drops /delicate stone danglers), high heels (black, red, gold, nude, with some shoe jewellery). Shoe jewellery is like an anklet that comes attached with the shoe, pretty and delicate. Black faux fur sandals can also seal the deal.

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