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Too match too much

The columnist answers your fashion queries about matching clothes, peeping bra-straps and more…

Bloody Mary   |   Published 30.12.21, 12:48 AM

My girlfriend insists on wearing matching clothes. She finds it cute and romantic. But I find twinning really annoying. I love my girlfriend very much and I don’t want to break up with her for such a silly problem. I have tried to broach the topic several times but she is quite stubborn about it. Any way out?

I am guessing we are talking about similar T-shirts, matching colours or accessories. But if it’s 100% matchy-matchy she wants, it may be an unreasonable request. Or if you are being forced to move around in the same underpants. But this is not a “silly problem”. It is about identity. You can swap many things, but identity? Maybe not for you. So you can start wearing the opposite of what she wears and explain to her the concept of yin and yang, Raj and Simran, gin and tonic, and, in an extreme situation, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, though the last may not be such a good idea after all. Anyway you get what I am saying and she will probably buy it. You will look sharp.

This is causing me endless worry. Is it alright for an ordinary white bra strap to show from under my noodle strap top? Is it too little, or too much? Should the two straps be colour-coordinated? I have also heard of broad straps of racerback bras with attractive designs. Or should I go in for the blingy and shiny ones? Sometimes, I feel it’s best to go with the thin transparent or detachable straps. But strapless makes me feel quite insecure. What if they fall off? This is so difficult. My marriage looks easier. What do I do?

Get a hold on your thoughts and your bra will stay put. If your band and cup sizes are correct, why will it fall off? And I say OK to all the above. If you think it feels ok, go ahead. If not sure, don’t. It works with marriage, it works with bras. 

My best friend believes that love and intimacy can really improve one’s skin and hair. I have also seen a few of my friends with happy love lives literally glow. But I find this hard to believe. You have to see my beauty care budget.

Are you just curious, looking for the right partner or the right product? Well, if this is to just add to your knowledge, then yes, skin and hair do benefit from circumstances you mention. Strange are the ways of love. But please understand nothing can ever replace a good facial or a hair spa.

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