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Still plastic, but ‘good’ plastic

Barbie to be recast with recycled ocean waste

The Telegraph Published 24.06.21, 03:41 AM

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Barbie is becoming better. No, not with a more perfect body, not in the age of body positivity. The transformation is quite metaphysical, though not meta-plastic. Barbie is turning green, metaphorically.

Toy company Mattel, manufacturers of the doll, launched the ‘Barbie Loves the Ocean’ campaign recently to celebrate its first doll line made up of 90% recycled ocean-bound plastic parts.


All the plastic will be sourced from areas in Mexico’s Baja peninsula. The brand introduced the line with its spot titled ‘The Future of Pink is Green’.

Mattel promised to use 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials for all of its products and packaging by 2030. If Barbie remains popular till then, that will be cleaning up a lot of oceans.

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