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A shield with a shine

An anti-bacterial paint by Asian Paints helps you stay safe and healthy

By Brand Studio Team
  • Published 2.04.19, 4:44 PM
  • Updated 2.04.19, 4:44 PM
  • a min read

Though we like to think of paint as something that only protects walls and makes them aesthetically pleasing, it can also help protect the health of those living within those walls. Royale Health Shield, an anti-bacterial paint by Asian Paints is inspired by the same idea.

The paint kills 99% of infection causing bacteria* on walls. With Royale Health Shield, Asian Paints is reaching out to consumers who are increasingly conscious about their health. This awareness extends to not just the food items they consume but also the kind of environment they live in. 

Walls often become a harbour for dangerous bacteria, leading to the spread of diseases in homes.Royale Health Shield is equipped with Silver Ion Technology that curtails the growth of such bacteria. Within 2 hours of exposure on painted surfaces, the revolutionary paint kills infection causing bacteria. This reduces the risk of respiratory infections and skin sensitization. Royale Health Shield is the first paint in India with Silver Ion Technology recommended by the Indian Medical Association.

Additionally, the paint is able to neutralize indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde. At a time when consumers are increasingly finding ways to minimise their exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution, Royale Health Shield offers a very helpful proposition.

The paint also has a luxurious sheen finish that gives a pleasant glow to the walls. It is available in more than 2000 shades! For those worried about household stains ruining the look, the Teflon surface coating makes it possible to wash away the toughest stains.

Asian Paints has promoted the signature offering in a new ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor and DeepikaPadukone. After many years, the two leading stars are seen together on screen for a campaign. With their friendly banter and camaraderie, they make for an entertaining pair.The playful tonality and acting by the stars has made the ad a trending topic of conversation on social media. 

Royale Health Shield has attracted a lot of attention with the health benefits it offers. It is just one of many products created with changing consumer preferences in mind and is a key addition to its wide portfolio of innovative paint products.

*Disclaimer: Fomite infections can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices. Silver Ion Technology based paints kills 99% bacteria when they come in contact with the walls.