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A lookbook for the season by Sharbari since 1991

Classic styles drawing from tradition for the contemporary man — that’s been the ethos of Sharbari since 1991

Saionee Chakraborty   |     |   Published 17.01.21, 09:28 PM

As the iconic menswear label Sharbari Since 1991 turns 30 this year, it’s time to ring in the landmark with a series of celebrations. First up was this special shoot for t2 at Swabhumi Raajkutir. The brand unveiled its latest line of gorgeous and art-based occasion wear for men with Priyanshu Thakur, Kutubuddin Sheikh and Neeraj Surana as dapper models. We caught up with designer Amalin Datta and founder Kanaklata Datta, the two pillars of the brand since inception.

The collection looks absolutely fab, sharp and festive. Can you take us through the lookbook please?

The Sharbari brand has been an ambassador for vintage menswear for decades. This collection is a continuation of that proud tradition, which has percolated from our rich ancient past, and has continued through our work. It is the amalgamation of Indian tradition through the ages and how our work has reflected that for 30 years.

Art sets your creations apart. How has the label evolved over the years, sticking to the DNA, which is art?

I fondly remember, in one of our very first coverages, in 1992, the title read ‘The Liberation of Man’ (Purusher Mukti). Our collections were pasted over all newspapers and magazines locally and nationally, only and only because of our intensive commitment to art. Sharbari has evolved consistently over the years, imbibing the best of Indian tradition and bringing it to the world of fashion.

How has the Indian man embraced fashion in the last three decades?

Exposure is key. As the years rolled on, the Indian man has been exposed to more and more fashion, and has grown to love seeing himself being the centre of a party or event because of what he wears, and has invested himself into exploring the world of fashion.

What are some of the classic Sharbari silhouettes?

All kinds of traditional Indian silhouettes like kurta, angarkha, jackets. Sharbari has revived designs from Indian costumes and the old cuts and styles and given it a modern language that today’s men had no hesitation in accepting. 

Is it easier designing for today’s man?

Yes, mostly so I believe. We have seen a definite upward trajectory in the receptiveness of the Indian man over the last three decades, at least sartorially speaking. They are experimenting now with colours and styles and are much more evolved.

What is your dream for Sharbari?

With age, you start dreaming less, and doing more, you know. So yeah, this here is our dream. We are living it.


On Neeraj: A copper tissue long angarkha-style jacket with antique iron grill-effect motif is classic and cool.

On Kutubuddin: The maroon raw silk jacket is embellished with folk motif and looks smart.

On Neeraj: The short angarkha-style jacket has an antique look and the motif is inspired by “Sri Lankan tapestry”. The interplay of light and shadow adds to the drama.

On Priyanshu: The matte red “rough textured” short jacket comes with an “antique silver metal effect motif”. The look, hot or not?

On Kutubuddin: The white long jacket with Maharaja motifs and “textured with classical style thread work” is all about royal sophistication.

On Priyanshu: The off-white angarkha with tussore has mythological motifs and has been paired with a silk dhoti which has matching embroidery.

On Priyanshu: Different shades of green come alive with a play of Oriental motifs.

On Kutubuddin: The deep sea green short jacket has a patchwork effect and different school of motifs.

On Kutubuddin: The grass green-and-yellow jacket with floral motifs has been paired with flowy velvet pants and makes for one laid-back romantic look.

On Priyanshu: The dark green sherwani comes with a zig-zag texture and has been teamed with a patiala for a rich look.

On Neeraj: The angarkha-style jacket with Oriental motifs inspired by old tapestry, can take you from a formal occasion to a party. The cool shoes add to the vibe.

On Neeraj: The angarkha with “wood-cut-style old Calcutta motif” has a majestic vibe.

On Priyanshu: The golden tissue long jacket comes with geometric motifs.

On Kutubuddin: The geometric motifs have come alive on a multicoloured canvas.

On Neeraj: This jet black velveteen achkan is versatile. Team it with a pair of slim-fit pants and loafers and you are good to rock at your best friend’s wedding or team it with a royal blue silk dhoti with matching embroidery, and you will be one stylish groom!


Pictures: Pabitra Das

Hair and make-up: Dhiman Ghosh

Location courtesy: Raajkutir Swabhumi

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