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A look at Superkicks, the perfect paradise for sneaker lovers

The Telegraph chatted with Sangeet Paryani, co-founder of the brand that has just launched the ‘country’s largest sneaker store’ in New Delhi

Saionee Chakraborty Published 13.07.22, 03:57 AM

The love for sneakers is growing by leaps and bounds, its unmatchable comfort and versatility making it edge past its peers. We chatted with sneaker lover Sangeet Paryani, co-founder of Superkicks, the multi-brand sneaker outlet that has just launched the ‘country’s largest sneaker store’ in New Delhi.

Congratulations on the store. What can we expect?


We aim to not only provide an excellent retail experience with the space, but also rich, cultural and community-led/community-inclusive experiences. The goal is to balance the two as well as enable them to coexist and flourish to create a unique experience for our visitors and consumers.

How did your love for sneakers start?

My tryst with sneakers started when I was quite young. I grew up around a host of Adidas silhouettes, namely the Superstars and the Stan Smiths.

How many pairs do you own?

Close to 125.

What are your most cherished pairs?

The Superkicks x Fila NH8 which was our first collaboration with a major international brand is a piece I hold very near and dear. The collaboration consisted of 90 numbered pairs, which were sold out within 16 hours of release.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

What do you attribute the popularity of sneakers to?

Historically sneakers have been associated with sports. When famous sports personalities began lending their names to sneakers, they gained immense popularity, for example Michael Jordan. We saw a paradigm shift of people associating sneakers to a more lifestyle outlook. Music, hip-hop, dance and other creative avenues began to incorporate sneakers within them. This made sneakers a desirable and collectible item. In today’s day and age, social media has become one of the leading sources behind the popularity of sneakers among the masses.

Do you think the pandemic has solidified its position as the comfort choice number one?

People have more free time so they’re buying more as a guilty pleasure. There’s been a sudden uptick during the pandemic of desire for these products and that has resulted in higher sales numbers.

What are some of the most cool pairings you have seen?

I’m personally more of an OG guy. I prefer styles like the New Balance 2002r, Nike Air Max 90, Adidas Superstar and Samba.

Can you suggest some cooler ones?

Nothing better than the OGs and the basics.

Do you have any favourite brands?

I personally have grown up with Adidas and will always have a soft corner for the brand. From Stan Smiths to Yeezys and everything in between. As time passed, the streetwear category has seen unprecedented growth and we’re seeing exciting stuff happening with every brand. Making it extremely difficult to pick a favourite. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, and New Balance are disrupting the market in incredible ways. Additionally, brands like Wacko Maria, Pleasures, Stussy, Carhartt, and Stone Island are my personal favourites within the streetwear category.

What are your expansion plans?

More Superkicks stores will open up as time progresses. There are plans in the works to do so, however the goal is to be available while maintaining the exclusive essence of Superkicks that the limited nature of our business inherently possesses.

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