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Unlock a treasure trove of interesting tales for young readers

For a fun and energetic story told in a different style, make sure your kids and younger acquaintances read the books that are coming soon
Aristotle and Dante.
Aristotle and Dante.
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Sudarshana Ganguly (t2 Intern)   |   Published 17.10.21, 11:55 PM

1 Aristotle and Dante: Dive Into the Waters of the World by Benjamin Alire Saenz; Simon & Schuster; Rs 399
This much-anticipated sequel to the multi-award-winning international bestseller Aristotle and Dante: Discover the Secrets of the Universe was launched last week. Ari and Dante are in love, but now they must navigate their way in a relationship while the world continually places hurdles before them.

Ari’s love for Dante is helping him find his voice, but when faced with a shocking loss, he has to venture forward more boldly than ever to find joy. A tale of self-realisation and love, this sequel will make for a gratifying read.


2 The Good Bear by Sarah Lean and illustrated by Fiona Woodcock; Simon & Schuster; Rs 350
Launched on October 14, The Good Bear tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a bear and a young, aspiring writer. Thea is in Norway to visit her father armed with plans but soon discovers that he is distant as ever and she has to share him with his new family.

However, deep in the snowy woods by the house, Thea makes an unlikely friendship with a bear who is hungry and scared. Beautifully illustrated, this is a heartwarming tale of family and friendship, perfect for all children as Maa Durga completes her annual visit back home.

3 Hide and Secrets by Sophie Mckenzie; Simon & Schuster; Rs 399
This Halloween, get on with the thrills in this new teen thriller by Sophie Mckenzie. Fourteen-year-old Cat has not yet recovered from the death of her father when she meets Tyler, a handsome stranger who suddenly arrives for the summer.

With shocking revelations about her dad, threats from a gang and a string of lies, Cat has to risk it all for the welfare of herself and her family. A perfect read for all teenagers who wish to get on a thrill wagon with an explosive book that will keep them turning the pages for more.

4 Sister Switch by Beth Garrod; Simon & Schuster; Rs 299
Having a sibling is never easy and 12-year-old Lily Mavers definitely knows that. Her sister Erin, a grade A student, has nothing in common with her.

However, everything turns topsy-turvy when an emergency visit to the Hairy Godmother salon ends up with the sisters undergoing a complete body swap with each other! Follow them as they understand each other’s lives and the intricacies of its navigation. A relatable and fun tale for anyone with siblings, this is a fresh take on the classic body swap trope.

5 Pizzazz vs Perfecto by Sophy Henn; Simon & Schuster; Rs 299
Smattered with illustrations, this book holds the rants of a reluctant superhero, Pizazz. A fun and quirky read for anyone who is above seven, this is the third book in the hilarious Pizazz series. Pizazz accepts that being a superhero can be fun, but is quite frustrated with a perfect “baddie” who is younger than her, Perfecto.

For a fun and energetic story told in a different style, make sure your kids and younger acquaintances read this book that is coming soon. It is not without messages of the acceptability of otherness that will be found relatable by many.

6 The Tunnel by Ruskin Bond; Puffin
Reading a Ruskin Bond story is an unmissable part of any Indian’s childhood. The Tunnel is a timeless classic that will capture the hearts of its young readers with its plethora of illustrations at the most pivotal scenes of the story.

A perfect introduction to the world of Ruskin Bond, the story revolves around Ranji, a young boy fascinated with the train that comes out of a tunnel. Set in a forest, there are multiple themes of friendship, duty and more woven in this enthralling story that released on October 18.

7 Maithili and the Minotaur: Web of Woe by CG Salamander and illustrated by Rajiv Eipe; Puffin; Rs 254
In this graphic novel, Maithili lives on the outskirts of a magical wilderness. She might be an outsider to the human world, but has built a rapport and forged new friendships with beings from the realm of monsters.

Nevertheless, she cannot throw caution to the wind just yet, for “some monsters are just like humans: mean, nasty, and out for blood”. Follow the adventures of Maithili accompanied by brilliant graphics in a fun and adventurous read.

8 Gods, Giants and the Geography of India by Nalini Ramachandran; Hachette India; Rs 293
Geography can be incredibly fun and this book is proof of it. India is a huge country that is not without its share of unique geographical features and mysterious legends surrounding them.

Combining “myths, folklore, local history and geological theories”, author Nalini Ramachandran takes her readers on an enjoyable and interesting journey, drawing up connections with these to the spectacular geography of India. An educational as well as exciting read, it has a great balance of learning and fun.

9 Fantastic Creatures in Indian Mythology by Bulbul Sharma; Puffin; Rs 250
This illustrated book “features ten most fascinating magical and fantastical creatures in Hindu mythology”. Hindu mythology is a vast area, filled with interesting lores that are many a time connected to each other, forming a huge web of intriguing tales.

This novel is told in lucid and simple language that is perfect for young readers who are just beginning to start reading on their own. The illustrations make it easier to leaf through and get started on the intriguing world of Hindu mythology which might otherwise seem intimidating.

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