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10 must-read books that will help you be the perfect pet parent

This reading list will help you better navigate the world of barks, wags, and paw pads

Faiza Hazarika (t2 Intern) Published 27.05.21, 04:50 AM

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The Complete Practical Guide to Pet and Aviary Birds by David Alderton

Keeping birds as pets might be a tad bit more complicated than just refreshing their food and water bowls as they fly around their cage. Author David Alderton spells out the dos and don’ts of bird keeping for novice enthusiasts who might require a gentle push in the right direction to really help them take flight. This book illustrates more than 250 examples related to the colouration, characteristics, weaknesses and breeding habits of each of the major groups of birds, starting from waxbills, weavers, canaries, and pheasants to parrots, doves and pigeons. An illustrated step-by-step guide is provided that covers topics like how to host them indoors, bird health, the best birds suited for your climate, and how to handle bird disasters.


Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy by Zazie Todd

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend, but here’s a chance to really reciprocate that love and make sure that your dog is as emotionally content as possible too! Author Zazie Todd, who is a certified ‘Fear-Free’ dog trainer and a social psychologist, breaks down the science behind that happy pupper wag and reveals trade secrets to help you help your dog better. The book takes notes from renowned canine specialists, trainers, and professionals from all over the world who have mapped and observed the response of dogs towards certain stimuli and offer insights into how to work around both puppies and ageing dogs as they deal with fear, anxiety and other stresses in their lives.

All Black Cats Are Not Alike by Amy Goldwasser and Peter Arkle

With captivating illustrations, funny stories, and a stock of 50 felines that are protesting society’s unfair prejudice against black cats, All Black Cats Are Not Alike is a witty, comical, and satirical take on our cat friends and how they should not be stereotyped but should rather be treated as per their individual personalities. The book follows the stories of different cats and dives deep into their individual interests, likes, dislikes, food habits, behavioural tendencies, and pet peeves (pun very much intended) that will help you sit up and pay a little more attention to your own feline friend at home, as you start singling out what makes her so different and how you can help her thrive in her originality, whiskers, paw pads and all.

The Miraculous Life of Maggie the Wunderdog by Kasey Carlin

A heartfelt, emotional and inspirational story about a street dog who got another chance at life, this one is a must-read for animal lovers everywhere. The book charts the true tale of Maggie, a street dog from Beirut, whose story deals with important present-day topics like animal abuse and harassment that are still prevalent all over the world. The book charts Maggie’s recovery as she rediscovers life amongst compassionate, empathetic and helpful people who guide her along the way. A tearjerker ride with several important lessons, this book is a worthwhile read for all those trying to dive deeper into animal rights, to see why they should and how they can help.

How Stella Learned To Talk: The Groundbreaking Story of the World’s First Talking Dog by Christina Hunger

Dedicated to the belief that everyone has something to say, author Christina Hunger, a certified speech-language pathologist, taught and conditioned her dog to make use of a smart button device that when clicked strings together a choppy sentence that will help you understand what your dog is trying to tell you. Words like ‘eat’, ‘park’, ‘want’, ‘where’, ‘hunger’ and ‘help’ are but few of the many that are presented to the dog, who is trained to make use of the device to help him translate his barks and wags into sentences that make sense. The book, a breakthrough in animal communication, chronicles Stella’s journey and also provides a guide for pet owners who’d want to try it out themselves.

Cooking for Cats: The Healthy Happy Way to Feed Your Cat by Debora Robertson

It’s extremely important to know exactly which food items your pet should eat, what the necessary vitamin should be and what food is a strict no-no for your furry friends. Author Debora Robertson offers all this and more as she dives into the topic of cat nutrition and how you can help your cat be at her best with a well-balanced diet. The book also offers 20 special recipes for you to DIY at home, along with additional information about treats, what to feed a sick pet, as well as craft projects to indulge in to make handmade toys for your feline friend.

Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish by David Alderton

There’s nothing like a good old encyclopedia to give you all the information you need about how to take care of your pet fish. Author David Alderton breaks down the nitty-gritty behind both freshwater and pond fish and how you can go about identifying them. Filled with illustrations, diagrams, and attractive pictures, the encyclopedia presents a comprehensive guide to fish health, their aquarium needs, how to maintain their temperature requirements, the proper food they need, and how to make use of the latest technology available to give your aquarium and fish a good boost.

The Puppy Training Handbook by Kaelin Munkelwitz

Kaelin Munkelwitz describes herself as ‘the dog trainer of the new age’. A trainer and author with years of experience, Kaelin has compiled her thoughts, observations and research all into one book to help you navigate your pup’s life with ease. The author recommends time-tested positive reinforcement training techniques custom-fit to attend to your dog’s unique behaviour, character and personality. The book takes you through everything from crate training to how to tackle health problems and is guaranteed to be your best friend when navigating the early years.

The Secret Language of Cats by Susanne Schotz

Have you ever wondered why your cat starts jumping around your room at three in the morning? Or why they are content sitting hours just staring silently out the window? The Secret Language of Cats promises to answer all these questions and more about why cats are, well, the way they are. Author Susanne Schotz, a professor of phonetics and a mother of five cats herself, offers insights into feline behavioural patterns, how you can interpret them, and signs to look out for when your cat is trying to communicate with you. Giving you the ABCs of the language of cats, the book tells you what you can do to finally understanding the meaning behind the meows.

How to Raise Rabbits by Samantha Johnson and Daniel Johnson

Still a slightly unconventional pet in this part of the world but no less adorable, How To Raise Rabbits is a brilliant guidebook for novice rabbit parents who might not know which end of the carrot to hold. The authors start from the bottom up and go through the difficulties new parents might face, including your pet rabbit’s nutritional needs, how to house them properly, how to deal with health scares, how to nurture baby rabbits and more.

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