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Success Gyan hosts a power packed Super Growth Summit with 15000+ participants

'A business or startup, could also be compared to these stages of growth or evolution of a human offspring'

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 16.07.21, 03:20 AM

The Super Growth Summit saw enthusiastic participation from 15,000+ unique users from across 50+ cities over a Zoom Webinar

The Super Growth Summit saw enthusiastic participation from 15,000+ unique users from across 50+ cities over a Zoom Webinar with Keynotes from Gaur Gopal Das, Dr. John Demartini, Ashish Vidyarthi, Blair Singer, Surendran J, Rajiv Talreja, Siddharth Rajsekar, Mac Attram, Puja Puneet, Sawan Kapoor, Dr. Meghana Dikshit, Prachi Mayekar, M V Priyank, and Thaddeus Lawrence.

In life and business, the most important stage that could potentially define future courses, is the initial stage of plantation or seeding. This stage is generally attributed to struggle and immense nurturing. The human offspring is said to be amongst one of the most underdeveloped offspring amongst the mammal family. In its initial days, there is a lot of care, attention and nurturing that is required from an external source. Although, the human offspring grows up to become one of the most capable and versatile animals in terms of thinking capacity, creativity, etc., in it’s initial stages this isn’t necessarily reflected immediately. It’s only after years of nurturing, teaching and attention that the offspring moves on the stages of surviving independently and fending for itself.


A business or startup, could also be compared to these stages of growth or evolution of a human offspring, according to the organizers of the Super Growth Summit, Success Gyan. In its nascent stage, a business or company may seem to be too weak or sensitive to overcome the struggle required to survive and eventually lead to success. It is at this stage that there is a need for external nurturing, care and expert advice that could help set a strong foundation for the life ahead.

Success Gyan aims to do just that by bringing together world renowned leaders, mentors, trainers and coaches under one platform. By making best-in-class learning accessible to all, Success Gyan has truly hit a chord with the young Indian population that was reflected in the sheer turnout at the event that kicked off on a Saturday morning and ran along till the mid-evening. The Super Growth Summit saw 15,000+ unique users logging into a Zoom webinar eager to listen in to the keynotes from the most prominent speakers in the domain.

The event kicked off with Siddharth Rajsekar, Master Digital Coach and Author of the Amazon Bestseller Book — ‘You Can Coach’, assuming the role of host by introducing the energetic and charismatic Actor and National Film Award winner, Ashish Vidyarthi. Ashish managed to charge up the crowd with his ‘flawsome-awesome’ & ‘power-packed’ keynote that focused on motivating the viewers to take charge of their own lives in the realms of business, relationships and success by assuming the role of the prime-player in their own lives.

Game-led interactions from Transformational Coach, Prachi Mayekar, followed soon after, which got the chat box buzzing with energy and enthusiasm, on an early Saturday morning. This truly reflected the interest levels of the participants that had tuned in from across geographical locations over one true motive -- ‘To Grow and Succeed In Life’.

The theme of the event was elegantly carried forward by Thaddeus Lawrence, Integral Coach® & TEDx speaker, who tuned in from Singapore, to the participants through intimate analogies that involved overcoming mentally and physically challenging situations and circumstances. He carefully weaved these interpretations to match the similarities of the struggles that we are often faced with life, business and relationships.

Dr. John Demartini, drove the audience through the psychology of winning and the mindset-shift required to truly progress through the stages of struggle and survive in a often challenging and cold world around us. Wellness coach and Sound Healer, M V Priyank, led a session on ‘Sound Healing’ and ‘Meditation Techniques’ that could be used to find warmth within oneself that is required to progress through the stages of struggle and survival. His unique expertise managed to put the participants in a truly meditative state, optimized to absorb all of the knowledge, energy and wisdom on display at the day-long event.

Rajiv Talreja, Asia’s leading Business Coach, further broke down the core theme of the event, elucidating the challenges one faces while advancing through the stages of Struggle, Survival and Success. “Struggle is the stage of entrepreneurial journey where one isn’t paying themselves, while survival is the stage where you are able to pay yourself but end up being comfortable due to the lack of ambition. Success is the stage where you are able to not-only pay yourself but also loop-back to the business. This is only achieved by adopting a growth-mindset that approaches business problems and challenges through a ‘Never settle attitude”, he concluded. Rajiv’s insightful speech marked the progression of the event tonality to stages of success and growth.

The most anticipated speaker at the event, Gaur Gopal Das, who is an Indian lifestyle coach, monk, motivational speaker and member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), brought his ever calming presence and aura to the forum through his humorous, simple and impactful 21-minute addressal. “When a traveller was faced with the challenge of either giving up a raft that had previously helped him overcome a river or get stuck in the forest that lay in front of him due to the girth of the tool. He had to let go of the raft. This is much like the learnings that you accumulate through the stages of struggle and survival. The same tools might not be applicable for the next stage of super growth. Learn to let go and detach yourself from the tools of the past and set yourself up to be ready for new and unprecedented challenges that may come your way. This is the true way to success and super growth”, the charismatic monk noted to conclude the event.

Motivated by the positive turnout and feedback from the audience, Success Gyan also announced its plans to host the next Super Growth Summit on September 11th, 2021.

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