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Ritwiz Tiwari, founder Bizgurukul is all set to turn the tide of the Indian EdTech industry through 5000+ courses in the next 5 years.

Bizgurukul was established on 24th March 2020 and had been running for over a year.

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 27.08.21, 07:01 PM

The Indian education system today massively lacks the modern skillset and practical knowledge for modern businesses. Most of the things students learn today are outdated and do not match the requirements of employers. Bizgurukul was initiated to bridge that gap and offer an easier chance to people who wish to upskill themselves and be industry-ready. Although Bizgurukul initially started with just two courses- personality development and public speaking, they have added more technical courses such as Instagram Marketing, Digital marketing, video editing, and many more. It is founded by three young minds who aim to change the Indian education space by offering modern skill-based courses at a highly affordable rate.

Ritwiz Tiwari, a young man who is currently CEO and founder of the Bizgurukul, laid the foundation with a dream to upskill Indian youth and make them market-ready. He had a thing for entrepreneurship since his childhood and wanted to build something of his own. He had always been a creative and opportunistic child who believed that if life has given you an opportunity, the first and the only step is to accept it and work for it. His inclination towards business brought him to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, where he pursued his bachelor of business administration degree. He learned the academic and technical parts of business management. During his college life, he took upon various opportunities and got hands-on experience. Those opportunities helped him learn what the industries are looking for and how the Indian education system lacked.

Ritwiz, after his graduation, joined a multinational company. He wasn’t delighted with his position there. However, he believed that he was built to do something big in his life and put in tremendous efforts to climb up the corporate ladder. Throughout the period, he felt that he wasn’t rewarded adequately for his actions and that no matter how hard he worked, there were still certain restrictions that hindered his growth in corporate culture. Despite these factors, he has always expressed his gratitude towards his corporate job, as it helped him learn a lot about the marketing field. After a few years, he then left his job to build something of his own and create an environment where everyone has a chance to grow without any set limit.

Ritwiz, during his course of work, realized how massively India lacks in terms of modern skillsets and practical knowledge that today’s industry needs. He could envision the massive potential that EdTech holds for this country and desired to change the old model of “people reaching out to education” and “taking education to people.” He wanted to bridge the gap between what people are taught and what the industry needs. India is a young country and can cater to the world’s needs but what we are taught in our educational institutes is highly outdated, but very few people tend to observe it and work to change it; Ritwiz was one of them. So he reached out to his two like-minded friends- Rohit Sharma and Keshav Lal- and explained his vision to change India’s EdTech industry. They both jumped the bandwagon without any hesitation and joined Ritwiz hands; these three together laid the founding stone of Bizgurukul.

Bizgurukul was established on 24th March 2020 and had been running for over a year. The company was founded during the uncertain times of COVID-19, where people were losing jobs, and almost every sector had no idea of their future. Sailing through these tough times, Bizgurukul passed with flying colors under the leadership of Ritwiz Tiwari. He has been spinal cord for his team and guided them during the tough times, which is the reason for the company’s immense success. Bizgurukul has touched a million-dollar mark in just one year, and they plan to reach out 1 lakh students mark before this year ends. Ritwiz recently announced that he plans to add on more than 5000 advanced courses that can help Indian youth to upskill themselves and work in the high-paying sector. Their education portal would also support live training and one-on-one mentorship programs so that if anyone has any doubts even after their courses, they could be addressed and solved. Ritwiz dream is to have a significant impact on India’s growth through education that matters the most. The way Bizgukul has performed till now under his leadership, the company will surely turn tides in the Indian education sector.


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