Rediff mail users get to store more

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  • Published 17.06.04

Mumbai, June 17: More good news for email users. On Tuesday, Yahoo raised storage space 25 times for its e-mail users; today it was Rediff’s turn. India has increased e-mail space provided on its portal for free users to 1 GB from 5 MB and that of premium users to 2 GB from 10 MB. The company has also raised single outgoing and incoming e-mail message size to 10 MB.

“With this increase, we have become the first and the largest e-mail storage provider in the country, and users no longer have to worry about deleting mails to stay within the storage limit,” executive vice-president and chief marketing officer Rohit Varma said here today.

On Tuesday, Yahoo decided to upgrade its free e-mail accounts by offering 100 MB. The move was ostensibly provoked by internet search engine Google's plan to offer 1000-MB of free storage space, which is currently being offered as part of a trial project to select accounts.

Rediff, the Indian company listed on Nasdaq, went a step further by offering 10 times more space than what Yahoo offers to free e-mail users, but identical to what Google plans to offer in the coming months. Rediffmail, which offers e-mail facility in 11 Indian languages, has matched what Google’s gmail plans to offer.

The company has over 25 million registered subscribers and provides premium services (paid users) under Rediffmail Plus and Rediffmail mobile services, he said.

Sending and receiving heavy files up to 10 MB benefit users who want to mail photos, music collections, business presentations and other large attachments, he said.

The portal has also decided to free up to over 15 million e-mail addresses, which were not in use for the past couple of years.