Netmagic to set up a data centre in Calcutta

Netmagic, an NTT Communications company, already has data centres in Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida and Chennai

By Our Bureau in Calcutta
  • Published 9.12.18, 1:20 AM
  • Updated 9.12.18, 1:20 AM
  • a min read
Sharad Sanghi in Calcutta on Saturday. Picture by Debasmita Bhattacharjee

Netmagic, an NTT Communications company, is exploring the possibility of setting up a data centre in Calcutta.

“Calcutta may have had a slow start in this sector but it is not lagging behind today. When we choose sites for setting up data centres, we have three criteria — the availability of power, fibre connectivity and local business. Calcutta is well-endowed with the first two and even if the volume of local business doesn’t match that of Mumbai, it is large enough. We are seriously thinking about opening a centre here,” said Sharad Sanghi, managing director and CEO of NTT Com – Netmagic, at Infocom 2018, an ABP initiative.

The company operates data centres in Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida and Chennai.

Sanghi said there was a rising adoption of cloud-based network solutions by both large enterprises as well as early stage companies and start-ups.

“It’s not just the large organisations that have taken to cloud. In fact, these companies have had to think twice before switching as they had a lot of data and were worried about security. Smaller start-ups took to it readily as it was the most cost-effective option for them. Now the industry is talking of optimising cloud. We are also taking of internet of things, artificial intelligence and automation,” said Sanghi.