JetLite flies high

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  • Published 3.04.08

Mumbai, April 3: JetLite will soon take off on more international routes, though not to the US where the airline once operated flights as Air Sahara.

JetLite will soon fly to West Asia, Bangkok and Pakistan.

“At present, JetLite flies to Kathmandu and Colombo. Our Bangkok flight will start by this month-end, while operations in West Asia are expected to start in June. We have received regulatory approvals to fly to Pakistan, but it is difficult to say when this route will be operational,” an official at JetLite told The Telegraph.

“JetLite used to lose about $15 million when it started operations. The losses have come down to $7 million. Within 60 days, the reliability of JetLite will be similar to that of Jet Airways. We expect a topline of $500 million for JetLite and $3.3 billion for Jet Airways next year,” Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal said.