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Deniz Güney's Top Tips for Developing Winning Mobile Apps

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 02.02.22, 05:58 PM

Creating a mobile app that is successful is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider, from design and usability to marketing and monetization. However, with careful planning and execution, it is possible to create a winning app. Deniz Güney, the founder and CEO of Rocket Digital Limited started mobile app development three years ago and went from a rookie to an expert in less than a year. His company has developed more than 10 apps, many of which have been number one on the app store. Here are some tips he recommends to help you create successful mobile apps:

1. Select the Right Problem to Solve

"Before starting any project or thinking about an idea, make sure it solves a problem or pain point. The mobile app must be useful for the user to download and use, otherwise they won't bother." It is crucial to give people a reason to download your app. For example, one of his SaaS apps called helps artists and influencers worldwide to solve one major problem: To post more than one link in their Instagram and TikTok bio. Instagram only allows one link per post, so they are extremely limited. With you can post all kind of links (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more) in your own customized landing page.

2. Design Your App with User Experience in Mind

"Design is paramount to any app, especially mobile apps. This is because the first thing the user will see when they open your app for the first time is its design." There are many elements that should be considered during this process, such as icons, button graphics, backgrounds and user flow. It is important to keep design basic and simple when possible. The key is to make sure that the users' needs are met with your app in the simplest way possible. A big mistake many new developer make is to overcomplicate their app. A well-designed user interface is essential to ensure successful downloads and increased product usage.

3. Test Your App for Every Scenario

"Every new feature should be tested from multiple angles to avoid bugs and increase user engagement." Testing your app thoroughly before launch is very important because errors will not only frustrate the users but also make app development very time-consuming and costly. Major errors such as crashes, bugs and UX issues can put your app in a negative light, which could lead to lost downloads and revenue.

4. Use Analytics to Track App Performance

"You can't improve what you don't measure." Analytics is critical for mobile apps because it allows you to measure how people are using your app. With analytics, you can determine what features are most important and which ones need more work. If the users aren't engaging with certain features of your app, then it is necessary to eliminate or tweak them to improve user retention rates. For example, the number of sessions an app receives per day is crucial for determining its success and future revenue potential. Smart developers use analytic tools like Firebase and Appsflyer right from the beginning to determine what features are most important.

5. Make Your App Stand Out from the Crowd

"In a world of over two million apps, standing out from the crowd is almost impossible." With so many apps competing for attention, developers can't afford to make a mediocre app. It has to be outstanding and offer something unique that people cannot find anywhere else. Only then will users have a reason to choose yours over the other apps. In terms of monetization, if your app is not bringing in revenue it will burn a hole in your pocket very quickly and result in no future investment. Not being profitable from the start can lead to bankruptcy for many developers.

Deniz Güney has a lot of experience in mobile app development and believes that if you take these tips into consideration, your app will be more likely to compete with the best apps out there. "If you follow my advice, you'll be on your way to designing quality products that bring value to users' lives."

If you want to find out more about Deniz Güney his striving mobile app business, you can visit his personal website "" or follow him on Instagram. You can find him under the username "Gun3ro". He often posts helpful tips and tricks for developer's looking to create successful mobile apps.


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