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  • Published 26.06.02
New Delhi, June 26 :    New Delhi, June 26:  India has decided to call in British experts to push power sector reforms which have been stalled because of mutinous unions at the power utilities and state governments' reluctance to walk a perilous course that would require them to ramp up electricity charges across the board. The two countries will soon set up a joint power working group to promote and facilitate reforms in the power sector. Under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two countries, various measures would be taken to facilitate the development of the power sector that would involve the exchange of experts and sharing of information, experiences and best practices. The MoU seeks to attract foreign investment in the power sector needed to generate 41,000 MW of power over the next five years. Power minister Suresh Prabhu signed the MoU with British secretary of state for trade and industry Patricia Hewitt in London on Tuesday. The ministers of the two countries will be the patrons of the group, which will meet every year, alternatively in each country to review progress of the implementation of the MoU. Hewitt is expected to lead a high-power delegation in January next year to explore possibilities of investment and also attend the first formal meeting of the working group established under the MoU. Meanwhile, National Thermal Power Corporation of India, the leading power producer in the country, also conducted road shows in London to suss out the receptivity of investors there to a possible flotation.