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Best Influencer Marketing Agency – GRYNOW

Published 22.06.22, 07:05 PM

The number of influencer marketing agencies have doubled in the past couple of years. However, brands lack the knowledge to make the judgement of choosing a platform that just brings brands and creators together versus choosing a platform that pushes creators and brands to realise their full potential and providing great value to the target audience in the process.

One such platform is Grynow, the Best Influencer Marketing Agency. The visionary team of marketers at Grynow aim for providing value to the brand, as well as to the influencers by contributing to the content strategy and enriching the narrative being set by the brand.

However, many platforms fail to understand the essence of influencer marketing leading to building average influencer campaigns that do not add any real value in the long run.

Thus, we are bringing you key factors to look for while choosing the right influencer platform.

How to Choose the Top Influencer Marketing Platform for your Brand?

  1. Top Influencer Marketing Platforms Build an Outcome-Based Measurement Program

Influencer Marketing as a mode of marketing acts as a venture where brands invest less capital comparatively for better results. However, top influencer marketing agencies like Grynow, further ensure to generate a handsome ROI for brands by designing an outcome-based measurement program.

This allows them to analyse any ongoing campaign or plan a campaign from a statistical & data-oriented standpoint. Thus, their expertise helps them to enhance the return on capital invested by brands.

They do so by following a rather crisp 5-point checklist that helps them to make informed & result oriented decisions progressively:

  • Defining objectives such as driving sales or brand lift as clear numerical figures
  • Curating a strategy where each decision circles back to defined objectives
  • Carefully examining creators before involving them in any campaigns
  • Measuring & reporting based on industry and platform benchmarks to analyse ongoing performance
  • Reviewing, drawing conclusions & optimizing the next steps in the campaign
  1. Inspired Influencer Marketing Agencies Build Influencer Campaigns that Contribute in Other Campaigns

More and more brands from different industries & niches are jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon every day. As a matter of fact, currently we are witnessing a rather interesting, hybrid approach towards influencer marketing.

Visionary influencer marketing platforms like Grynow inspire brands to move past traditional influencer marketing and aim for campaigns that fit in the bigger picture and contributes in other campaigns as well via balanced combination of creativity & technique.

Thus, brands are now using them in bigger marketing campaigns, where influencer generated content is used in collaboration with other forms of advertising such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

As per Mike Trigg, COO of Hightail.com, a creative collaboration & management platform, over 7 in 10 B2B and B2C companies are planning on creating more content in the coming year, and over 5 in 10 of these companies depend upon third party agencies like Grynow and external freelancers for additional content.

  1. Leading Influencer Marketing Platforms Create Customer Centric Narrative

The principal concern for brands to shift towards influencer marketing was promoting a valuable product or service to their target audience to fulfil their needs & wants through someone of authority, found trustworthy by the target audience. In the process, striving to provide more value to them.

However, many brands fail to realise the essence of influencer marketing. Thus, leading influencer marketing agency such as Grynow, encourage brands & creators to devise a content strategy that is purely costumer centric and serves the audience first.

This acts as a full proof strategy for brands to create winning campaigns. As a matter of fact, a study by MAVRCK found that when e-commerce businesses, third party retailers or other affiliate programs utilized influencer generated content such as ratings & reviews, they experienced a 30-50% boost in their conversion rates.

Thus, improving customer satisfaction via a fitting approach should be one of the major goals of a campaign involving content creators and this is exactly what agencies like Grynow preach. 


The process of shortlisting an influencer platform should not only focus on meeting short term goals, such as scoring first 1000 mobile app downloads, but also on how these influencer campaigns fit in the bigger picture and contribute to it. Furthermore, brands should ensure to collaborate with an agency that prioritizes the progress of both brands and creators during campaign execution.

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