Maruti Suzuki hosts flash mobs at Auto Expo 2018 to push use of seat belts

Part of a #PehniKya? campaign to encourage all vehicle occupants to use seat belts

By TT Bureau in Noida
  • Published 10.02.18

Noida, Feb. 9 (Agencies): Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the country’s leading car maker, has unleashed flash mobs at the Auto Expo 2018 here to add punch to its #PehniKya? campaign for promoting the use of seat belts by all occupants in a car.

Maruti had kicked off the #PehniKya? Campaign in November last year, after collating data on road users and their attitude towards wearing seat belts.

Now, it is organising flash mobs at the Greater Noida venue of the Auto Expo 2018.

R.S. Kalsi, senior executive director for marketing and sales at Maruti Suzuki, said the response has been huge.

“We are encouraged by the huge popularity of our #PehniKya? social campaign to promote seat belt usage among car occupants,” Kalsi is quoted as saying in a company statement.

Maruti revolutionised the Indian car market in the 1980s with its Maruti 800 small car, but the first Maruti 800 that rolled out for domestic buyers in 1983 did not have seat belts, which were added to the models that began to be exported a few years later.

At present, Maruti Suzuki has 15 models on Indian roads, and all have three-point torsion seat belts for every seat.

The company said the #PehniKya flash mob sports India’s first-ever seatbelt song—a catchy, appealing jingle designed to create a lasting impact on the critical importance of the seatbelt.

The foot tapping number is a mix of Indian and Western music to appeal to a wide range of audiences especially youth.

Maruti Suzuki has partnered with The Danceworx, led by famous choreographer Ashley Lobo, for a signature dance routine to be performed to the song. The flash mob performance will take place thrice a day throughout the duration of the Auto Expo.

The company said visitors can drop into Pledge Booths to strap themselves into a car seat and take a pledge to use seat belts, and then share their selfies on social media and stand a chance to win special #PehniKya? branded cozy.

“The special flash mob, around #PehniKya? is intended to rally masses into action with a new vigor. Through flash mob we want to spread awareness about seat belt in a fun and engaging way,” Kalsi was quoted as saying.

According to data collated by Maruti, use of seat belts brings down the risk of fatality by up to half in the event of a crash.

As more and more passenger vehicles come equipped with airbags to meet advanced safety norms laid down by the government, the use of seat belt becomes even more critical for safety. If an occupant is not wearing a seat belt, an airbag may cause more harm in the event of a crash.

A still from the flash mob video.

The #PehniKya? campaign will leverage a variety of platforms including television, print, radio, social media and on-ground activations. 

In its first phase the campaign will cover eight cities across India. Cities include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Calcutta, Nagpur and Indore.